Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cara Box Reveal

I decided to participate in my first blogger gift exchange and linked up with Kaitlyn to do her Cara Box exchange. I met some amazing girls. First Kayleigh, who sent me my Cara Box (details below). Kayleigh is a momma just like me and has an adorable little girl. She is new to blogging like myself, loves fitness and reality TV so we have a lot in common. She is also going through some health obstacles right now, so please keep her in your prayers. I also had a chance to talk with Ms Mess who is a mommy to 2 little ones and going back to work, just like me, so needless to say I met some great ladies and am now following 2 new mommy blogs.

Cara Box

Below is the fun box I received from Kayleigh. She sent me an adorable little wooden "Give Thanks" pumpkin to celebrate Fall and all the amazing blessings I have in my life. She also sent the cutest colorful bracelet with a cross on it- again to show the beautiful blessings in my life right now. She sent the most yummy smelling red velvet candle, because I love sweets and my favorite color is red. It smells so good I want to eat it! Then, being the thoughtful mommy she is she sent some fun books for my sweet little girl and a blue rattle ball for my brand new baby boy! I am so glad I participated in this exchange and got to meet these great ladies.


  1. So sweet! Thanks for praying for me :)

  2. You're the second Cara Box I've seen to get that Red Velvet Cupcake candle. It looks so yummy, I'll have to find one for myself! ;)

  3. That bracelet is SO pretty. I love it. I have had that candle in my cart at Target about 5 times but I always put it back. I keep changing my mind about it. ;)