Monday, August 26, 2013

I said I would never do

This week I am linking up again with Becky to talk about things I said I would never do as a mom.

1. Let my kids leave the house looking a hot mess. I try not to do this and really feel like I do a pretty good job, but sometimes Gianna messes her hair up like crazy or gets her clothes all dirty and it just is what it is.

2. Let my kids go out in their Pajamas. Sometimes it is fun going to the grocery store or going to breakfast in your PJ's.

3. Watch TV at an early age. Sometimes mommy just needs a minute and sometimes it helps Gianna wind down before bed so hey, a little TV doesn't hurt. It is actually pretty educational at times.

4. Have "that" kid. You know the one who yells, doesn't share well, throws tantrums. Overall, Gianna is a great kid, an amazing kid, but she has done all of these things at moments, and while I most definitely correct her, sometimes she just doesn't care what mommy is saying, she is going to misbehave. Then, we leave and go home!

These are just a few of the things I said I would never do as a mommy and boy have I learned my lesson on placing judgement on other moms. Of course there are things I have said I would never do and I stick to them, but kids will be kids.

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