Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My first time making a wreath!

Ok, so I am so excited to be posting this, because I recently finished my first pinterest project and will be actually pinning my own pin rather than just pinning other's to my boards. I started with the supplies below. I started with an XL metal wreath frame, now keep in mind we have a huge 9 ft wood front door so I made a really big wreath, you can easily make a smaller one. I also bought 5 rolls of 4 inch burlap, some decorative burlap for fun (1 roll) and some fun orange ribbon to make a bow.

Fold the burlap in half and start weaving it through the metal wreath. You don't have to follow a pattern, but if it makes it easier just go top to bottom, then start over, top to bottom, keep it going. I used safety pins to hold the start and ends of the burlap rolls b/c that is what I had. Keep doing this until wreath is complete.
I added a small wooden C for our last name to my wreath and bought some paint and a cheap brush to paint it.
Keep weaving the burlap- after you are done you should fluff it.  I started fluffing early to see how it looks, but it is best to wait until you are done so it is easier to weave your decorative ribbon through.
Then, weave your decorative ribbon through. Going back I probably would have done green or red for more of a pop of time!

Leave space for bow at top and fluff!

Make Bow and secure to wreath. I also bought a few sparkly sunflowers for fun, but you could add whatever to yours. And wala! Hang and enjoy!!!