Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So What Wednesday

This week I am saying so what if...

- I went way overboard shopping for Gianna's school clothes even if she is only going 1 half day a week

- I am more excited than she is about her starting ballet class

- I have major fever to re-vamp some things in the house including the office, new living room furniture, a new mattress and new carpet upstairs. Yes, not all at once, but over the next year.

- I am obsessed with how cute my kids are!

- I am sick, I have got to continuing training for this half marathon or else I will never finish it. I have been to the doctor twice.

- I am looking forward to getting Miles 2 month stats on Monday, so excited to see my little guy grow. But, I am not looking forward to seeing him get his first shots.

So What Wednesday


  1. You will absolutely adore watching her in ballet class. It's the cutest thing ever.

  2. I went a little crazy on my sons school clothes as well! Lol. Your kids are def very very cute! Love your blog, new follower!
    My 2 owls

  3. ah, I can't wait, she is going to have 1 proud mommy!

    thank you!! I am following back. Hard not to go crazy with all the cute clothes out there!