Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Social

Today I am linking up for the Sunday Social. Here are this week's questions.

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1. What do you miss most about being a kid? 
Being care free. Not seeing the evil in the world, not worrying about bills, work, etc. Just being naive and seeing the good in everything.
2. Dd you have a nickname growing up? What was it?
Glo by friends. Glor by the parents.
3. What was your favorite thing to do at recess? 
Swings. I wasn't very daring so things like monkey bars did not excite me.
4. What did you want to be when you grew up?
Ballerine, Tap Dancer on Broadway, obviously those things didn't work out, lol, but good thing I was good in Math!
5. Did you participate in any school activities? 
Program Challenge in Elementary/Middle School (smart kids), Volleyball, Track, Basketball manager, Beta Club, FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) President, Beta Club- to name a few.

6. What is the funniest thing you did as a kid that your parents still remind you about?

Well my parents probably didn't think it was funny, but when I was 14 I took the car for a ride with my friends and didn't make it out of the driveway. I ran over my mailbox and couldn't get the car off. The wheels would just spin. So, when my parents came home, the car was sitting on top of the mailbox and I was hiding  under my bed.  I can laugh now...


  1. Your story... oh my!!! How long did you get grounded for? Pretty sure... I would have been grounded for life. : ) Hope you have a great day!!!

  2. lol, I know it was terrible, but one of the times my dad took it easy on me. He could see how scared I was and had a very similar story- well he took the car, didn't run over the mailbox, lol.