Tuesday, August 27, 2013

To my main man,

Today our son is 10 weeks old and our daughter 22 months and I have been so beyond blessed to have taken this time off work to not only spend with our brand new baby boy, but also our amazing little girl who is learning new things each and every day and really coming into her own. These have been some of the greatest weeks of my life and as they are coming to an end and I am preparing to go back to work I am just soaking in all the goodness. Over the past 10 weeks on my days at the park and in the gym I have come across mainly 2 types of people. 1- The stay at home moms and 2- the older, retired couples. On our morning walks Gianna and I continuously see the same 3 couples and it amazes me. They are probably late 60's. One couple is strolling with their grand daughter and enjoying each others company just laughing and smiling. The other couple are seriously walking fast, doing squats and lapping us, lol. The other is walking with their dog. In spin class, there is one couple I am guessing mid to late 60s as well who must come to spin class every day and they sit next to each other in the front row, at the end of class they always high five each other. It is seriously awesome!

Seeing these older couples makes me so happy and hopeful inside. By no means am I rushing to grow old, but I do look forward to that time in our life and more than anything I look forward to the years in between. I imagine some of their lives and I just hope and pray we continue to love one another and grow old together. I imagine family vacations to the beach and taking our kids on trips around the world. I imagine soccer games, dance recitals, school performances, family movie nights, proms, graduations, weddings, grandkids- oh my!! I love our blessed lives so much and I love you so much! I love the way our family does everything together. I love how we are a fit family. How we go to the grocery store together, the way we keep our kids involved in different activities. The way we took our 1 week old baby boy out to our daughters swimming lessons and people were shocked, because that is what we do. We don't want to miss these amazing moments. How we enjoy pizza and ice cream and get up and get active so we are able to enjoy these things and stay healthy. I imagine us being that couple in the front row of spin class high fiving and that couple walking our grandchildren and laughing. I pray to God that we are that couple and not the one sleeping in separate rooms, watching TV in separate rooms, or the ones that are divorced and not seeing each other at all. 

You are my best friend and such an amazing father to our children. I know sometimes we fight and sometimes we get annoyed with each other, but God, I love you and I love our family so much. I pray God blesses us and keeps us all healthy and alive to enjoy this beautiful life. I want to grow old with you, to watch our children grow up and to be in the front row of spin class high fiving when we retire. I want everything and anything that life throws our way to be together. 


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    1. Thanks Angela, I am going to need it those first couple weeks :(