Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday!


This was my first week back to work since my maternity leave ended. It was tough leaving the kids, especially since there was 2 to leave this time, but it went really well. I guess leaving them with my mom/their granny/our full time nanny made it easier this time.


I am sad that my shows are coming to an end...

but I am really stoked that the Fall shows are about to start. Oh yeah!!!!


Buying shoes that feel comfortable in the store, then putting them on and they start cutting your heels=THE WORST!! These are black vera wang flats, what the $%$@ why do they hurt. This is the white tissues (with aloe) that I stuffed in them at work to save my heels. They are going back this weekend.


 Gianna and Miles have a full fall & winter wardrobe now complete with matching skeleton pajamas, Halloween outfits, Thanksgiving outfits, Christmas outfits, boots, Miami Hurricanes and Falcons shirts for Spirit day and tons of cute stuff! I am dying to see every outfit on them.


Now that I am back to work, our childcare expenses are doubled and we want to continue to save money, we are trying to make some cut backs, the main one being eating out, we do it WAY WAY too much! We are aiming for 2 dinners out max a week and 1 weekend lunch and trying to pack sandwiches a couple times a week for lunch work. This still leaves us with plenty of meals out with lunches at work included. We will do it!! Already went to grocery store tonight and stocked for the week.

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