Thursday, September 5, 2013

Gianna's First Day of Pre Pre-School

Gianna had her first day of Mother's Morning out last Friday. She did AMAZING! It is very structured, which we love and it is a small class at a local Catholic church. We went to the Dutch Monkey and had donuts and then we dropped her off for school. She is only going 1 day a week right now and it last from 9- 12:30. I was so worried about the 12:30 part, because it is difficult for her to stay up that late, but when I came to pick her up, she was having a blast and did not want to leave. I was so happy to see her thriving in that environment that it brought me to tears...happy tears! I love my little girl so much. Here are some pictures from her first day. We weren't able to capture her with her minnie mouse back pack and lunch box, but maybe this week. 


  1. Aw! She is adorable! I love her smile in the picture of the two of you eating doughnuts :)

    1. Thanks so much! She has a new love for them :)