Monday, September 16, 2013

High School Back Then

Happy Monday! I am linking up with Becky again for 52 weeks of blogging. So here is what highschool was like for me.

Waking up hours early to go pick up my 2 best friends for school just so we can ride together. We used to call ourselves "3 deep in the Jeep" since I drove a grand cherokee.

Always changing up my hair color. Blonde, Black, Red, you name it I had it. Even went to walmart with my best friend at midnight once with half a head full of dye, because we needed another box.

Skipping school. Sometimes just to go home and sleep.

Sneaking out, sneaking in to other people's house. And then, of course sneaking back home.

Volleyball & track practices, games & meets.

Boys! Thinking you were in love, boy was I wrong!

Rolling people's houses. Usually friends, lol.

Staying on the phone until 3 am then sleeping in until noon.

Passing notes and pictures in the halls. This was the thing to do, make them for your friends, your boyfriend, who ever. Markers were always in my back pack.

Man, Oh man, if only I could go back and tell my highschool self a few things. I will save that for another post.

Here is an old school pic of me and my best friend.


  1. Great photo! I remember those notes well haha. We'd pass them in class, and folding them was a practiced art. ;)

  2. Thanks for the post- I was in High School in the 80's, boy it seems like a life time ago! There are a lot of things in your post that we also did when we were in school. I guess some things don't change -to much!
    Hope you have a great day.