Friday, September 13, 2013

My First Review- Storyland Yoga

I recently got to participate in my first product review. Playful Planet sent me a DVD called Storyland Yoga: Yoga for Kids & Families. I was super excited about doing this, because keeping my family healthy & active is very important to me, especially my children.

Over the weekend, I rolled out the Yoga Mat and turned on the DVD with my daughter. The recommended age is 3-8 and since my daughter is just about to turn 2, I do think she is a little young to "fully" participate, but she got down on the mat and followed along on many of the things the best she could and really had fun with it. During the first time, I was snapping photos, so I didn't get to participate with her, but then doing it again and enjoying it with her was even better! Even during the times when she got distracted she liked watching along with the story and was actively engaged.

The DVD plays peaceful music, is very interactive and has fun little moves and stretches for the kids to follow. I love this, because it is allowing my child to stay busy while doing a healthy activity and being creative. There is 2 parts to it, so you can do 1 at a time or do them both back to back. They are short sessions, about 20 minutes each. I believe this is something she will enjoy more and more as she grows. We are going to continue trying it, get Daddy involved, 1 day (when he is bigger) get brother involved and have fun with this DVD hopefully for years to come. I love that it is imaginative, fun and gets them moving all at the same time.

You can follow them on Facebook here or Twitter here and checkout their product on Amazon as well.

Here are a few pictures from our first session. Sorry they aren't the greatest, since she was facing the TV it was difficult. :)

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