Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday {& what I am loving}

So this week, I have had a serious shopping addiction, online shopping of course! With my birthday, the holidays and the kids, I have been a shop-a-holic. Uh-oh!!

So here are some of my purchases and things I am loving!


 these shoes- both from Target. The leopard flats for mommy and the cute converse bunny sneakers for Gianna for Christmas. LOVE!!


I have been desperately needing some Yoga appropriate tops. Ones that aren't too tight, but aren't loose either, because they come flying down during downward facing dog, so I snagged one of these that I am hoping won't show the fat, but won't fly up either.


Umm, did you see the Clinique bonus at Nordstrom? Go. Check. It. Out. Great deal!!


Ugh! Another Cold has struck the Changar family and it has got us good. When they say this is the best, but the worst season, they aren't joking! 


We are going to see Santa this weekend, can you believe that?! Less than 50 days till Christmas!!!

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  1. love those leopard flats girl! can't get enough of all things leopard over here!!! :) xx