Friday, November 15, 2013

Five on Friday!


 I am officially 29! My last year in my 20's and I plan to rock it out, after I officially kick this nasty cold that is. This weekend is all about celebrations. Family birthday dinner, Adult night out to co-celebrate my birthday and a good friend's birthday and then Miles Baptism on Sunday!


As I mentioned in {one}, Miles is getting baptized. We decided to do just family this time and keep his attire nice and "manly", but still adorable. We decided to put him in this and I love it!


Brrr, it is getting cold outside. I love this time of year for so, so many reasons. One being boots, leggings, hoodies and cute hats like this one I scored from Gap! Ones with pom poms are my favorite!!


Ugh, so although this is my favorite time of the year, it is also my least favorite. One kid with croup and one with Bronchitis, yuck! 2 parents with we hope are only colds that are finally starting to get better. We are looking forward to all getting healthier!


Did I mention it is my birthday week?! Yeah! Cheers to that, I am only working a half day today, then off to pick my girl up from school, have some lunch and go get a massage. Life is good!!

Cheers to the weekend everyone!