Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh the Joy! (in their faces)

This year we decided to have Gianna's birthday party at a farm. We invited family of course and then some of her closest friends. 1 family ended up having to go out of town and another had a sick child, so overall 4 of the 8 kids we invited couldn't show up for one reason or another. The night before the party when I learned that a couple of the kids weren't coming, I got very disappointed, I had already made goody bags, ordered a big, fancy cake, booked a farm and now there were only going to be 4 of her friends showing up, I was totally bummed out, but I quickly shook it off. The weather forecast took a quick turn and it was looking like it was going to be a bit cold outside, this was also a bit of a downer and I was worried people wouldn't enjoy themselves.

The day of her birthday party, we started with ballet class, came home to quickly change and then off to the farm to set up. When we got there, we learned there weren't going to be pony rides like we were expecting because of a problem with a vendor. Bummed again! But then, I saw my daughter, the excitement in her face, she did not have a worry in the world, why couldn't I take that spirit on for this very special day? Done. Off she went, Gianna was already so excited just seeing the open field.

She quickly ran off with daddy to play on the giant inflatable slide and jumpy houses, while mommy stayed to greet the guests. Then, Grandpa & Grandma Jennifer arrived with Aunt Cole Cole, then Aunt Alanna. Gianna was so excited, they were all off playing. Later, Granny & Leah, two more of her very favorite people on this planet arrived. Her other friends trickled in and everyone was off playing, enjoying the slightly chilly, but beautiful day at the farm. Then, we gathered the group to go on our tractor ride. We all sat close as we strolled through the farm and fed a huge herd of cows. Then, the farmer who was driving had everyone on the tractor, about 40 people or so, sing Happy Birthday to Gianna. At this moment, I looked at my sweet daughter and the joy in her face. It was amazing! I was speechless. She didn't need anyone else there, she didn't need the big fancy cake, these were all just "icing on top". She was happy as can be just having everyone sing happy birthday to her.

Then, we went back to our party site and lit the candle on her cake and had everyone sing to her again. She loved it! Then, off to play some more. She went down the slides with Grandpa, Daddy, Aunt Cole Cole, Leah and all of her friends. She jumped in the bouncy house, fed the animals at the petting farm, enjoyed running around with all of her family and friends and just had the most amazing time ever! During these moments, I snapped back to reality. We are so blessed, so blessed to have been able to throw her this amazing birthday party, so blessed to have so many family and friends come out to celebrate with her, blessed to be able to buy her a big fancy cake and all of the cool presents, but she didn't need any of that. She would have been super happy at home with a candle and a cupcake. All she needed was to feel special, to feel loved and wether there was 1 kid there, 20 or none, we would have made sure she felt nothing less than the most special little girl on the planet on this day, because we love her, we are her parents and that is what we do, because..she is (to us anyways)!

The joy in my kids faces is my joy! It is the top reason why I live, why I strive to be better every day!


  1. What a great idea for a party, and her "I am 2!" shirt is so cute! I love that children enjoy the simple things in life. I wish I could be half as content as my son (3 years old) is. Sometimes I think I learn more about life from him than he learns from us. Happy Birthday to your daughter!

    1. I totally agree. They remind me over and over again to enjoy simplicity and to slow down.