Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Workout Wednesday- Gym Etiquette

So I am not a fitness freak or expert by any means, but I have always been a gym go-er and always done my fair share of running, completing my first 2 half marathons late in 2013, so I decided to incorporate some more of my fitness routine/life into my blog. I am not a "newbie" in the gym by any means, but I am somewhat new to the weight area as I have neglected it for quite some time. I am trying to keep a postive attitude about the gym crowds and hoping people will stick with their goals for this year, but sometimes I do find myself getting frustrated with people at the gym, new gym go-ers and veterans, which brings me to today's post... Gym Etiquette, this is straight from my head, no list from google here.

Please do not sit on the machines between reps and chit chat or rest. Other people may need them, I have kids to get home to, dinner to cook, etc. etc. etc. I want to get in and out and not spend my life waiting on you. If you need a long rest, fine, but get off the machine!!!

Be aware of your surroundings. It is packed and some people drop their weights or move around like they are the only people there, I do not want 45lbs falling on my toes please.

Wipe off your funk! I don't expect you to spray down every machine, but carry a towel and wipe down your funk after using it.

If your new in a class, hop in and just do your best. Don't come, take a spot and leave half way. You don't have to do what everyone else is doing, but it also isn't going to be a private lesson, join in and go at your own speed. 

Re- Rack your weights. I don't want to have to put your weights up.

Wear deodorant. Again with the funk people, less is more!

Don't steal. haha, this has happened to me before. If I leave my phone, turn it in people. Karma is a {beep}!

Treadmills aren't for talking on the phone or singing out loud. No one wants to here either and if you are having a conversation on your phone while other people are waiting to actually sweat, ANNOYING!!!

Wipe down your cardio equipment. MOST gyms have spray or wipes, or towels, or something. 

WORK HARD!  Enjoy. Encourage and Inspire. 


  1. As someone who just started going to the gym, I agree with ALL of these!! Awesome post.