Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tales from the crib

So let's be real, video monitors are awesome!  What is better than being able to look at and hear your baby while they are sleeping? Nothing, that's what.  So when Tiffany over at Dropcam emailed me and asked me to join in on their "Tales" from the crib, I thought it was such a fun idea! I didn't have one amazing story to tell, but I have a few that stick out in my mind (and heart).

Recently, Gianna was taking a late nap, my mom went up to check on her and started screaming at the top of her lungs, "GLORI!!!". I immediately start running upstairs and I hear her talking to Gianna, "don't worry, I will break it if I have to". Huh? Well little miss Gianna had stuck her leg through the crib and crazy Granny was freaking and getting Gianna all worked up. I simply turned her leg and slid it out, something she probably would have done herself if Granny didn't go crazy. Funny crib memory!

Another fun little crib memory I have is of Gianna playing in her crib too long while she should be drifting off into nap time, so the first time she was staying up a little too long, I used the talk feature on the monitor and said "Go night night, close eyes". I think it startled her a little and she immediately laid down and went to sleep. It has worked many times since that day.

There are a million times when she has woke up and I have just watched her as she has played independently in her crib. From the days when she was an infant and would spend independent play time just rolling around playing with her feet, to the days she learned to play with a little toy, to the days like today where she will wake up and read a book or play with multiple stuffed animals using her imagination.  These moments make my heart so happy!

Then, there is my baby boy.  He has had challenges.  He was small, has reflux, is over coming torticollis and is now wearing a helmet for plagiocephaly.  These things have probably kept me a little extra concerned about him, especially while he is sleeping. I didn't want him to roll over and get stuck, to throw up or choke while sleeping or any other discomforting and dangerous thing to happen to him while sleeping. However, I did want him to learn to sleep in his crib right away.  He started at 8 weeks with a wedge and the monitor turned up to the max. Now, he is sleeping peacefully with a lovey, a couple small toys and a light blanket. His helmet is even to help protect him as he rolls around and bumps himself, lol.  He is currently in the teething phase and wakes up for his paci, so we sprinkle paris all around him when he goes to bed so that there is always one in arms reach.

For both my kids, the crib has been a happy place and for that I am grateful.

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