Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's shout out to my Mista Lova!

Love.  Isn't it a beautiful thing? Although I officially have 3 Valentine's, my main squeeze, my mista, he is my true Valentine. He is truly amazing and while most days I am probably complaining to much, as is he (cough cough husband), why not have one day a year that is dedicated to the amazing thing that brought us

I am so glad that love brought us together.  We both had separate journeys.  Bad relationships, failed relationships, tears shed & lessons learned, but those were just teasers, teasers for our journey together. The amazing life that we would build, the children we have created, and this beautiful love thing we share.

AL, my love, my man, my best friend,
Our love is forever, not just a trend.
You make me smile, laugh and feel happy.
And seeing you with our kids makes me so sappy.
I love that you can pick up a bug with your hands,
work with tools and hang the christmas light strands.
You can also whip up a mean meal,
and know just how to make a lady feel.
There is so many reasons our love is the best,
and the most special thing in the world is our little nest.
Thank you so much for being my Valentine,
and always looking so, so fine. :)

I love you today and always!

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