Thursday, April 24, 2014

Thankful Thursday!

Man, I am so beyond blessed. More and more I feel so thankful for all my beautiful blessings, and today I want to focus on the little every day blessings that I so often take for granted. These are blessings I worked hard for, but still blessings...

Gas Prices- they are soaring, but do I feel the impact, no, because to be honest, I don't even pay attention. I mean yes the more I spend the less I am able to save, but I am so blessed to not have to pinch these pennies or have the stress of increased gas prices be something that weighs me down.

My short commute- I used to work 30+ miles from home (before kids) and was it the worst thing in the world, no, of course not, but I couldn't imagine doing that now. Time is already so limited.

My Treadmill- Yes it sounds silly, but I have had it for 8 years and it is such a blessing. On days when I am not able to make it to the gym it is so nice to be able to hop on and knock out a mile. No excuses!

Having a great Children's Hospital close by. My son has plagiocephaly and his trips to Children's of Atlanta are frequent, I see moms in my facebook group driving 3+ hours each way every other week for their appointments and mine is 5 miles away and top knotch! A blessing indeed.

These are just a few of the little things I am feeling beyond grateful for today.

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