Wednesday, July 2, 2014

We Kicked Some Potty Training A$$

We did it! We did it! We did it Yeah! Who would think that potty training would be so easy?!

I have thought about tackling potty training for a while now, but I knew I needed to take a day off work and stay with Gianna. Why? Because when you have a little one crawling around trying to stick his hand in the potty or climb into it, it makes your 2 yr old very upset. So a good day came and I decided let's do it. I had bought a bunch of little toys, wrapped them up and put them in a box from the "Pee Pee Fairy". I also bought a Dora Sticker Chart, Panties and mini M&Ms.

We woke up that morning, picked out our panties and started just sitting and sitting. Then, she said, "mommy I have to pee pee", rushed to the potty and sat down, but didn't get her panties down in time. Ok, no biggie, clean panties and try try again. More sitting in front of the TV on the potty- yes in the living room. This time, right after we sit, we run upstairs for literally 5 minutes, she says,"Mommy I have to pee pee" and I pick her up to race her to the potty, pees on me! No problem, new panties and try again, by the 3rd time, we were nailing this potty thing. Nap time came, diaper, woke up, panties and more sitting. Left the house for 1 hour to eat. Sat on potty at restaurant, but nothing.

Day 1 was not too shabby.

Day 2 started with more sitting, more and more, but no pee. Getting concerened. Finally 5 hours after waking up she pees!! Yeah. The rest of the day goes pretty smoothly. A pee pee in the potty (not on mommy) equals 2 mini M&Ms, a present and a sticker and duh- it wouldn't be complete without the pee pee dance! Day 2 she even wanted to nap in her panties, you go girl!

Day 3 was great, even went to breakfast, park and the grocery store with NO accidents! Napped in panties again and even pooped! We ran out of presents but continued with stickers, M&Ms and the pee pee dance. At this point, the Fairy had moved the potty to the bathroom because "Gianna was OFFICIALLY a big girl who pee pees on the potty!"

So far, we have been rocking and rolling and kicking that A$$! 2 weeks of dry diapers and we will attempt overnight. Daniel Tiger says it best, "When you have to go potty, stop, and go right away. (Wipe) Flush and Wash and be on your way."

Feels good!

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