Thursday, September 2, 2010

LOVE this show...

So last year the hubby and I got hooked on flash forward and they cancelled it! I was seriously sad. This year I am looooving Rookie Blue. I am recording right now and we usually wait until the weekend to watch, but since I am off this week I can stay up past my 10:30 bedtime, lol and I think we will watch it tonight :) Cannot wait! Oh, we also love The Gates.

My favorite season

So I have absolutely been loving my time off....just soaking it up. I have been sleeping, eating, studying and cleaning house and I must say it is going by way too fast. I decided to give the CPA exam a go, so I have been trying to study like 20-25 pages a day while I am, I know you all are thinking that isn't much, but I seriously hate studying. I have the worst study habits ever! While I have been off I have been noticing how beautiful the weather is getting...Fall is coming, woohoo!!! I cannot wait, it is my favorite season of weather, clothes, fun times, etc, I just love it!! Only thing I don't love is all the leaves that fall in our big back yard. This weekend I think we are going to try and finish the fire pit so that over the beautiful Fall season we can invite friends over & make s'mores :)   and I will throw in this for my husband, it is football time! whoop whoop, go Miami and Georgia!