Friday, June 30, 2017

Ya'll! This toothpaste is AMAZING!!!

Everyone is selling something these days!  I love it!  So easy and fun to try new products.  I NEVER thought something like this would be for me.  A week ago I ordered a tube of toothpaste from a friend.  I took a before picture and a week later I took an after.  These are my results from only using ONCE per day for the 2 MINUTES I brush in the am.  AMAZING!  I drink iced lattes and soda daily and my teeth had gotten soooo yellow, but this stuff is LEGIT!  I have sensitive teeth and was a bit nervous, so started with 1x daily and ya'll....NO sensitivity issues!!

If you'd like to try some, it is $25 including tax + shipping for 1 tube, 45 for 2, 65 for 3 and 80 for 4.

To order, click the link. 

Below are my PERSONAL results!

🚫No peroxide
🚫No bleach
🚫No Sensitivity
😁Removes stains 🍷☕️
💎Restores whiteness💎
👨🏻⚕️Dentist recommend
🤰🏽Safe for pregnant & breastfeeding mamas
👦🏼Safe for kiddos 2 years and older