Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Joining in on the Life Insurance movement

So I know lately I have sucked at blogging, my blog crashed adn it is currently all messed up, but as I read one of my favorite blags today at and saw her post about the life insurance movement, I had to join in.

My husband absolutely hates talking about our finances to other people, I don't mind it as much, I don't give details, but I am proud of where we are financially as young parents. In the last 2 years we have paid $20+k on IVF treatments, $8k on our dogs legs and done a couple big home projects, so to be able to do those things and not be in the poor house is such a blessing and so is having the opportunity to plan for our future by participating in 401k plans, 529 college savings and Yes....Life insurance policies...BIG, mega Bucks life insruance policies So, the question going around all over today we have life insurance? YES YES YES! I took out my first life insurance policy when I was probably 21 and starting my first "real job". It was small, maybe 1 year of my then tiny salary. Later, as my salary grew, so did my life insurance. Then, I got married. We decided then to get seperate, a little more signifcant life insurance policies outside of our work plans. Next, we find out we are pregnant...well, what if something happens to both of us, we NEED Gianna to be able to live out all of her dreams and be comfortable. So now we take the plunge to take out some mega dollar life insurance policies. Yes, they are pricey around $700 a year for life insurance, but it offers us so much peace of mind that it is priceless.