Monday, September 30, 2013

How my childhood impacted who I am today

Today, I am linking up again with Becky to talk about how my childhood impacted who I am today. Let me start by saying my childhood was awesome, I never went without anything and my life was filled with loving moments. However, my childhood had many tough moments as well.

My parents relationship. My parents were married for 23 years and got divorced while I was in high school. Growing up, I don't remember their relationship being bad, but looking back I don't remember seeing them embrace in too many loving moments together either. I also don't remember them doing a lot of things together. Then, my dad had an affair and we went through some very tough moments before they divorced. I would definitely say these were the most difficult years of my life. Their relationship has transformed me in so many ways. My husband and I do everything together. We go to the grocery store as a family, we go to ballet or swim as a family. We workout together, we do family activities together, we stay united! Trust, well, no doubt after what I experienced I have issues with that, but I have learned to trust, however, I will ALWAYS be cautious!

My grandparents. Growing up my dad's parents/my grandparents lived next door and my most fond memories in my childhood involve them. They were my best friends. Unfortunately, they were older and so they left me way too soon, but having this love in my life has taught me how important this bond is, so I will always go out of my way to make sure that my kids have this relationship with their grandparents. It is the most special one outside of mommy and daddy that there is!

Sibling Relationship. My sister and I are only 18 months apart, but not the closest. I wish so very badly we were closer and I pray that one day when she settles down (she is older) that we can bond more and spend more time together. I wish for that soon! I want to try to encourage my kids to love one another, support one another and be there for one another. It is a process I am sure I will lean on God to help with, but I pray I can encourage them to be the best of friends and hoping our family doing everything together helps with this.

Life. So again, I never went without and I had a great childhood, but there are some things I hope to do differently. When my kids are old enough to appreciate it, I hope to take them on vacations around the world and let them see different places. I hope to provide them with college funds, but also let them appreciate the value of a dollar like we did. I hope to have a bond with my children. Have very open communication in our family and talk about everything. I want them to come to me about it all!! I want to instill a healthy, active lifestyle, but still with the splurges of treats! I want all of this for them!

These are a few of the ways my childhood impacted who I am today. Life wasn't always easy. I struggled with my parents divorce, I struggled with being an overweight child and I didn't have the greatest bond with my mom or my sister, but these things have transformed me and the way I look at life today. I pray I take the best from my experiences and give my kids the best possible life I can provide for them. They are what I live for!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Five on Friday

It's that time again, so this week here are my five on Friday!


I won! Yes, you heard me right, one of the most unlucky girls you will ever encounter (that would be me!) won my first give away hosted by 2 of my favorite mommy bloggers. I am still pretty new to this blogging gig, but have read these momma's blogs for a while and I don't enter very many give aways, so I was pumped hearing I won all of this.


I am doing a great job with my new routine, keeping up with my workouts and really enjoying it! Eating however, I am still doing terrible with, but one thing at a time. October is PACKED full of events from dinners, festivals, cabin trips, etc so it will be a little more challenging, but if I have to miss a class I plan to at least log a mile on the treadmill at home.


Our half marathon is next weekend, we are sooo excited!! (and nervous also, the hills are going to be intense)


Cooked this recipe this week- it was SUPER easy and SUPER delicious! I call it "Baked Chicken One Dish Wonder" 1 dish with everything in it, no other dishes needed for prep or cooking.

Pick your vegetables put on one side, use red potatoes on the other (I cut mine into 4's). Put chicken breasts in the middle (I used 3). Then, sprinkle 1 package of Italian Dressing Mix on top, Melt either 1 stick of butter or a few spoons full of smart butter is what I used and pour on top. Cover with Foil. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour and serve. YUM!


New Fall TV Show we are loving- The BlackList

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So What Wednesday!

This week I am saying so what to...

- If I didn't achieve my goal of not stopping to get coffee in the morning. I am addicted to iced lattes, maybe next week

- If my baby boy is tiny, he has a HUGE heart!

- If I eat ice cream every night before bed, I have usually worked out!

- If I have a shopping addiction. This no spend September (except must haves, lol) is killing me!

- I found my first gray hair...yikes!

- I am already thinking about where we will vacation next year, I love traveling!!

Life After I Dew

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Never Ever Ever

Never Ever Ever....

1. Will I not love fall! Cool weather, outdoor activities, Fairs, pumkpin treats, holidays, riding boots, leggings...I mean what is not to love.

2. Will I not get pumped about Fall TV starting. My DVR is about to get packed. Anyone else stoked about Homeland tonight?

3. Will I not obsess over how cute and amazing my kids are in their fall clothes! Skinny jeans, sweaters, leggings & boots for my girl and cute little plaid shirts and cargos for my baby boy!

4. Will I not enjoy an iced latte before work. I am trying to quit, but gosh McDonald's you have got me hooked!

5. Will I enjoy the fact that soon it is going to be dark at 5 pm- I HATE it!! We need our sunlight to play outside in this gorgeous weather!

6. Will I not LOVE wearing a hoodie, I mean really, what is better??

Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear 16 Year Old Self,

So today, I am linking up with Becky again to write a letter to my 16 year old self. When I first started brainstorming, I was thinking of telling myself what to do and what not to do, but then I thought that is more a letter to my kids on my experiences and I can use that for another post. So that being said, here is my letter to my 16 year old self.

Dear 16 year old Glori,

Whoop Whoop, today your turn 16- big time! You are one of the first to get your license and will be driving your friends around for months to come (or years based on some of our friends). You and your 2 best friends will call yourselves "3 deep in the Jeep". By the way, you are very creative! Over the next 13 years your life is going to be crazy at times, heart breaking at times and ultimately amazing.

Let's start with high school. You will continue on a roller coaster relationship with your highschool sweetheart. He is bad news and thank God you don't end up with him, but it's fine, being with him does somewhat keep you out of trouble since you are scared if you do anything fun he will get mad. Speaking of that, your confidence is low during these years. You are a little overweight and you don't like it, but don't worry, you will get very active starting your senior year and quickly grow out of this. Please know, it's ok, some friendships aren't worth having. Others are and you will lose a few good ones that you should have probably tried harder to maintain, but the ones you do keep, you will cherish forever. Taylor and Shelley will still be your best friends as an adult. You will have some great memories, you will get into trouble and do some things you'll wish you could take back, but in the end, it turns out ok.

Your parents will go through a very nasty divorce during high school and this will become a defining moment in your life. Your confidence will plummet, you will blame yourself and be angry with everyone. Your mom's confidence will plummet even lower and she will "shack up" with a loser and make your already very difficult situation even harder. Please know, it is not your fault and one day your dad will find his way and although your mom takes longer, so will she. Hang in there!

During college, you will continue with this very rocky relationship. On and off, on and off. Again, a mistake and you will look back and have many, many regrets, but it's ok, because you learn so much from it. You will not try hard enough in school and there for not do very well at the beginning. You will however get a good job and start building on your experience which is going to be a major stepping stone in your career. You will be in great shape physically as start to enjoy running and exercise. You will start rebuilding your relationship with your dad. You will waste a lot of money on student housing, when the majority of the time you travel home to see your boyfriend anyways and you will be paying for it later with your student loan debt.

During your senior year you start to find your way and your confidence. You change so much! You finally realize you are better than the way your boyfriend has treated you and you don't go back! You go girl! You get a great job and start to focus on your career. You even buy your own house, which ends up being a major mistake. You even start Grad school and make up for not doing so well in your first 2 years of college.

At your new job, you travel and get high up in the company. Then, you meet your future husband there.You go through some tough times with your health that make you realize quickly how great of a man he is. You date, quickly fall in love and plan your dream wedding. He treats you great and you balance each other out so well. You buy a new home together and quickly decide to start a family. It isn't easy. It will cost you a fortune and you will have to break through one of your biggest fears- needles! Lots and lots of needles and lots of money later you will have the most beautiful, amazing little girl and your life will be so blessed! Then, you will go through it again for your adorable, sweet little boy. Your family will finally be complete!

Your journey wasn't always the easiest, there were ups and downs and you will end up wishing you had done a lot of things differently, but ultimately, you will be thankful that it all has led you to where you are today at your almost 29 year old self. Can't wait to see what the next 10 years will be like.

Lots of love,
Your older, wiser self

Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday

This little dude turned 3 months old this week. He is growing like a weed, but still a small guy. Love him to death!
Continuing to get into the Fall spirit by having a neighborhood pinterest party and making fall banners. I chose "Give Thanks" since we host Thanksgiving every year and since we have so much to be thankful for right now.

I have GOT to get back into my smoothie routine for breakfast. I have gotten back into a rut by going to McDonald's and getting my iced latte before work. My goal next week is to kick that habit! I have GOT to do it!!

Super Excited about the weekend. 2nd ballet class, Apple picking if weather permits & Spring Festival at Gianna's preschool. Oh yeah and did I mention a 10 mile run? Only 2 weeks till half marathon, so according to our schedule we actually get to decrease our distance a little bit. Yay for that. Again, weather, please permit...

iphone update- everyone is talking about it, so why not?! Yeah, no room on my phone, so no clue what I am going to do. Clear some room and go for it or just hold out for now...hmmm

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Being in an interracial/intercultural marriage

On Sunday night, Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America, becoming the first Indian-American woman to win the pageant.
Sadly, this spawned ALL KINDS of racist comments on social media, from people who still, in 2013, are have a 50s mentality and can’t comport themselves properly online.
So today's post is kind of deep. WIth all of the controversy going on with Miss America, I decided to write about being in an interracial and an intercultural marriage. When I met Allan (my husband) I had thought absolutely nothing of his race. I mean obviously I knew he was of indian descent and did I picture myself dating an "indian" guy? No, but I had dated outside of my race before andI had no idea of who I was going to end up with. His race was the least of my concerns. After getting to know him it was even less of a concern. He made me laugh, he made my smile, and we quickly fell in love.

During this time I also learned that he was Hindu. I am not very religious, but I am a Christian and was brought up Catholic. Religion is not something I am very educated in, so at first I had absolutely no clue what that meant, some may call me ignorant, but it wasn't that, it was just no exposure or education about it. I wanted to learn! My husband doesn't actively practice Hinduism anymore, but one of the things he does to honor his religion is abstaining from beef. "OK cool, no problem, I will give that up as well."  We haven't eaten it in 5 years now.  We talked about it on several occasions and I learned a little bit more about it. As we got serious we discussed how we would co-exist and our future children and none of our conversations left me worried.

Then, we got engaged. His parents said our date we picked to get married was a "dark night" and we would need to come for prayers. Clearly this was something I did not believe in, but if it was important to my husband, fine, I am all about praying for our marriage in any religion out there. So we go and it is more like a mini wedding, did I feel set up at the time, totally!! Did we get through it, yes, but we modified it so I would feel more comfortable and we prayed and we got married a few months later on the date we chose and it was great.

Have we been starred at? Of course we have!
Have people clearly been rude to us because of us being in an interracial relationship? Yes, definitely.
You will think I am crazy, but I swear since traveling with my husband I have been stopped and searched every time and never prior. Coincidence? Maybe.
Have we been judged? No doubt.

Then, we had kids. This is the first time I felt concern about our differences. I am a very strong willed person and I want what I want, especially for my kids. I want to raise them Christian, but of course educate them as much as possible about the Hindu religion and all other religions too. Then, when they are older I will respect whatever decision they make. One of my regrets as an adult is that I don't know more about the bible and other religions, Allan may very well know more than me.  I want them to know all about his religion & culture and respect their roots on both sides.  There were moments where I can admit that I can see how religious differences can cause problems in relationships and I am so glad that my husband and I came to terms with how we want our family to co exist.  Religion is something I feel confident we are now on the same page with 100%.

But, the most important thing to me was the way my kids would grow up. There will be a time when they are judged for being "mixed" or someone may make a comment about me or their father. I want them to be confident and take those moments head on. I want them to know their parents love each other and that color or culture doesn't matter. You have to judge each person for who they are inside. How would we handle these moments with our kids, how would we talk to them about it and teach them how to handle it? We aren't 100% sure, but we will definitely face it head on and make sure the lines of communication are open so they are aware this is something that we pray they never have to face, but they very well may be judged or deal with someone who is ignorant.

Our cultures and backgrounds are very different and I feel like that is an amazing thing. Is it sometimes difficult? Sure, of course. Is going back to his hometown in Trinidad my favorite place? No way I would be lying if I said I enjoyed being out of my american comforts. The amazing part is that we love each other, we have a united front, we have 2 beautiful kids who we plan to educate and communicate with and we have the best of 2 worlds!

Now, to the Miss America pageant, it is absolutely absurd what people are tweeting about this, I mean really? Come out of your cave! Here are some of the tweets:

"More like ‘Miss Terrorist.’”
“Miss America, footlong buffalo chicken on whole wheat. Please and thank you.”
“Darn…I wish Miss Kansas would’ve won! Real American woman!!”
“Don’t you have to be AMERICAN to win Miss AMERICA? This [B-word] is some type of Indian.”
“We have a black president and an Asian Miss America. This ain’t Merica no more guys.”
I pray to God my kids never have to deal with people as foolish as the ones writing this garbage, but if they do I would like them to handle it with grace, dignity and be in command of the situation!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I've got a pocket full of sunshine

Yay! I have been nominated for another award from not one, but three awesome bloggers. Two nominated me for the Liebster award and 1 for the Sunshine award. Shannon and Madison are the awesome mommies who nominated me for the Liebster award and AshleeMae is the lovely momma who nominated me for the sunshine award. Since I just posted a Liebster post, I am going to use this post to go with the Sunshine award, but wanted to make sure I gave a shout out to the mommies who I got to follow through their nominations. I feel very loved!!

So here are the rules going around for the Sunshine award:

Acknowledge the nominating blogger.
Share 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
List 11 bloggers.  They should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer & let all the bloggers know they’ve been nominated. You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you.

11 Random Facts are:

1. I have 2 tattoos. If I could go back I would have zero, but I was young and silly. Not that I dislike tattoos, I like them, just not for me and for now I am stuck with them.
2. My favorite movies are White Men Can't jump, Pretty Woman, and Dirty Dancing. 
3. I have my MBA.
4. I HATE fixing my hair. 
5. I love baths. Not long, soaking ones, just quick in and out hot baths.
6. My husband and I moved in together after 4 months of dating.
7. My boston terrier Oreo once saved my life (more to come on that).
8. I was a chunky monkey as a teenager, until I got active.
9. I am obsessed with reality TV.
10. I don't eat beef, haven't in 5 years.
11. I love water & diet coke (fountain is the best).

And the 11 questions:
- If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why? Well, this is hard. I have only ever lived one place- Atlanta, so I would probably pick here, I love it, has all 4 seasons and an overall great place, but it would be cool to live somewhere else in another country for a couple years if work ever takes us in that direction and we would definitely be open to a new state too- California, Arizona, Texas- who knows!
- Who is your favorite actor/actress? Why? Right now I am loving Channing Tatum- hot, versatile, down to earth. I also love Robert Downey- Yes I am a huge Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes fan!
- What song always cheers you up when you’re sad? I'm Yours- it was our wedding song. 
- What is your favorite toy from your childhood? "Clowney Bear" my stuffed bear with clown outfit. He is missing an eye, but I still have him.
- What is your least favorite thing about being an adult? Bills! LOL 
- Someone is going to take you out to dinner, any restaurant you like. Where would you go? Lol, probably Longhorn's or cheesecake factory. I am a pretty simple girl.
- If you have kids, how did you decide on names? For Gianna, wanted a G, italian is my roots, and the meaning was perfect "God is Gracious", found it in a book and loved it. Miles was a boy name I always loved and both middle names are family names.
- What is your favorite holiday? Christmas, love the lights and joy it spreads!! Especially now with our kids, I cannot wait to build on our family traditions.
- What is your favorite book? lol, I don't read much unfortunately, does US weekly count?
- How much sleep do you absolutely have to have to function? hmm,  I like to have at least 7 hours.
-What is your favorite way to de-stress? A nice workout and a bath.

The bloggers I nominate are:

My 11 Questions for you are:
1. What is your favorite Fall TV show?
2. What is your go to outfit?
3. What are the 5 must have items in your purse right now?
4. Sweet or Salty?
5. Resume question- what is your biggest weakness?
6. And your greatest strength?
7. What is one thing on your "bucket list" that you hope to accomplish this year?
8. Apple or Windows?
9. How long have you been blogging?
10. Working mommy or stay at home mommy?
11. What is your favorite fall food? (share a great recipe if you have one)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday- Ballet Style

Today I am linking up again with Kelly, Lindsay and Megan  to show off my trendy tot at her first ballet class. Can you say adorable or what?!! She was totally rocking her leotard.

Pumpkin Mukies- Not a cookie and Not a Muffin

So this weekend I tried whipping together some pumpkin treats to get in the Fall spirit. Here is what you need:

3/4 cup butter, softened
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
2 eggs
1 can pumpkin puree
3 tsp cinnamon spice (or pumpkin)
2 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
3 1/2 cups unbleached flour

Cream together the butter and sugar. I stuck the butter in the bowl, put it in the microwave to melt it a little then did this. Add eggs and beat until fluffy. Beat in Pumpkin puree. Add spice, baking soda and salt, stir just until mixed. Then add flour 1/2 cup at a time until all is incorporated. Chill for 1 hour.
Use a spoon and spoon onto greased baking sheets. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes each. Take out and let cool, then enjoy.
I started with another recipe and modified it. When completed, my husband ate 8 of these, but said "I don't know what to call these, it is like a mix between a cookie and a muffin." So that is how we named it- Pumpkin Mukies.

Monday, September 16, 2013

High School Back Then

Happy Monday! I am linking up with Becky again for 52 weeks of blogging. So here is what highschool was like for me.

Waking up hours early to go pick up my 2 best friends for school just so we can ride together. We used to call ourselves "3 deep in the Jeep" since I drove a grand cherokee.

Always changing up my hair color. Blonde, Black, Red, you name it I had it. Even went to walmart with my best friend at midnight once with half a head full of dye, because we needed another box.

Skipping school. Sometimes just to go home and sleep.

Sneaking out, sneaking in to other people's house. And then, of course sneaking back home.

Volleyball & track practices, games & meets.

Boys! Thinking you were in love, boy was I wrong!

Rolling people's houses. Usually friends, lol.

Staying on the phone until 3 am then sleeping in until noon.

Passing notes and pictures in the halls. This was the thing to do, make them for your friends, your boyfriend, who ever. Markers were always in my back pack.

Man, Oh man, if only I could go back and tell my highschool self a few things. I will save that for another post.

Here is an old school pic of me and my best friend.

Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday!


This was my first week back to work since my maternity leave ended. It was tough leaving the kids, especially since there was 2 to leave this time, but it went really well. I guess leaving them with my mom/their granny/our full time nanny made it easier this time.


I am sad that my shows are coming to an end...

but I am really stoked that the Fall shows are about to start. Oh yeah!!!!


Buying shoes that feel comfortable in the store, then putting them on and they start cutting your heels=THE WORST!! These are black vera wang flats, what the $%$@ why do they hurt. This is the white tissues (with aloe) that I stuffed in them at work to save my heels. They are going back this weekend.


 Gianna and Miles have a full fall & winter wardrobe now complete with matching skeleton pajamas, Halloween outfits, Thanksgiving outfits, Christmas outfits, boots, Miami Hurricanes and Falcons shirts for Spirit day and tons of cute stuff! I am dying to see every outfit on them.


Now that I am back to work, our childcare expenses are doubled and we want to continue to save money, we are trying to make some cut backs, the main one being eating out, we do it WAY WAY too much! We are aiming for 2 dinners out max a week and 1 weekend lunch and trying to pack sandwiches a couple times a week for lunch work. This still leaves us with plenty of meals out with lunches at work included. We will do it!! Already went to grocery store tonight and stocked for the week.

My First Review- Storyland Yoga

I recently got to participate in my first product review. Playful Planet sent me a DVD called Storyland Yoga: Yoga for Kids & Families. I was super excited about doing this, because keeping my family healthy & active is very important to me, especially my children.

Over the weekend, I rolled out the Yoga Mat and turned on the DVD with my daughter. The recommended age is 3-8 and since my daughter is just about to turn 2, I do think she is a little young to "fully" participate, but she got down on the mat and followed along on many of the things the best she could and really had fun with it. During the first time, I was snapping photos, so I didn't get to participate with her, but then doing it again and enjoying it with her was even better! Even during the times when she got distracted she liked watching along with the story and was actively engaged.

The DVD plays peaceful music, is very interactive and has fun little moves and stretches for the kids to follow. I love this, because it is allowing my child to stay busy while doing a healthy activity and being creative. There is 2 parts to it, so you can do 1 at a time or do them both back to back. They are short sessions, about 20 minutes each. I believe this is something she will enjoy more and more as she grows. We are going to continue trying it, get Daddy involved, 1 day (when he is bigger) get brother involved and have fun with this DVD hopefully for years to come. I love that it is imaginative, fun and gets them moving all at the same time.

You can follow them on Facebook here or Twitter here and checkout their product on Amazon as well.

Here are a few pictures from our first session. Sorry they aren't the greatest, since she was facing the TV it was difficult. :)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

The day my biggest fear became reality

My first miracle arrives in this world!!

My husband and I got married in April 2010. We decided we would immediately give "just seeing what happens" a go as far as babies were concerned. We both had good jobs. We had a home and we had love, so what else did we need. We knew we wanted them, our friends were having them and we had "the itch". Just seeing what happens quickly became trying. Trying quickly became tracking and was in full swing. Ovulation kits purchased, propping legs up after the deed, you name it we were giving it a go. Trying led to disappointment after disappointment and it was very difficult. Within an 8 month period of going from let's see to what the hell, I decided we need to see what is up. My ovulation was like clock work. I was getting that smiley face on day 16 every month. My cycles were normal, I was young, I was healthy, what is the deal??

So here we go. I make us an appointment with my OB, she checks me and gives me a referral to a reproductive specialist. We go to our first appointment, talk and schedule a few more tests. One of those was a sperm analysis for my husband and the others were checks on my tubes, etc. My tests were all checking out, so why was this happening, were we not meant to have a baby?! Well, we got the call from my husband's test that his count and mobility were very low and got another referral to another reproductive specialist who became our doctor. They explained that something happened during puberty with a vein that was causing this and he could have an easy surgery to remove the vein and then it would correct itself, but as to how much it would improve and how fast is all unknown. We sat down and talked, I came in with my notes from Dr. Google and we were told, "it would be a miracle if you had a baby naturally on your own" and we were told we could have the surgery, wait 6 months and try again, then see or we could move forward with our one and only option at this point of IVF with ICSI. For those of you who don't know, in normal IVF, many sperm are placed together with an egg, in hopes that one of the sperm will enter and fertilize the egg. With ICSI, the embryologist takes a single sperm and injects it directly into an egg.

And now I am even more blessed! Miracle #2

IVF is a very intensive, very expensive and emotional process. It required an upfront deposit of $12k and upfront medication orders of over $3k. This was a huge investment for us, we are not wealthy by any means, we don't have family money, everything is what we work for, but I wanted a baby of my own more than anything in the world. It started with a month or so of small injections into my belly daily to shut my system down. Then, while continuing on those, I had to add another small injection to start amping up my egg production. As we go along, everything from how many eggs on each ovary to my blood levels are being closely monitored. Then, the night before your eggs are removed you take your "trigger" shot. The morning after my trigger I went into surgery and literally by this point I am walking awkward, because I feel so heavy carrying around all these eggs, but I was very fortunate to provide 22 large, nice eggs. Surgery complete!

Now, we wait to see if they live and if they fertilize. At this point we also have to start our progesterone shots. Many people are given the option of doing progesterone suppositories, but not us and let me tell you, if you missed out on these injections, you are very lucky, because this was by far the worst part. The needles are about an inch long and thick and they are injecting a thick oil into your hip bone, yes it is horrible. By day 5, 12 embryos had fertilized and 6 had made it to day 5 blastocysts. Time to transfer. We went into our transfer day feeling confident about risking twins and transferring 2 embryos rather than facing a failed attempt. However, when we got there and told this to our doctor, he strongly urged against it and said we have very high chances of transferring 1 embryo and his goal is to provide us with 1 baby. Ok, we were on board with that. So within 5 quick, painless minutes, my beautiful embryo was now in me and I was free to go. Wow, just like that! Ok, now what?? Well, now we wait..10 days to be exact.

So, being myself, one who doesn't care for surprises and is very curious, there was no way I was going to go in on day 10 not having any clue and wait at work for a phone call that was either going to be very exciting or very sad. So probably on day 4 I started peeing on a stick. Too early, yes! Negative, negative again, and then....a positive. OH MY GOSH!! Another positive, and another and another! The husband and I freaked and of course I continued to pee on sticks until my appointment where it was confirmed!!! I was pregnant on our first try. We continued with our blood tests until about 6 weeks when our ultrasounds started and then continued with those until 10 weeks. During this whole time we are continuing with our daily progesterone shots and by this point I am black and blue, have lumps and feel like someone threw me down the stairs, but hey, it was all worth it. After 10 weeks we were released to our OB to continue our pregnancy.

As a young girl, I always feared not being able to have children of my own. Maybe it was because I wanted to so badly and maybe my heart would have changed if it didn't happen, but I wasn't open to adoption and I could not imagine my life without kids, so the day we got the news we wouldn't be able to have kids the fun, old fashion way crushed me, it scared me, it broke my heart! I am so grateful for science, for amazing doctors, for our careers that provided us the means to be able to pursue IVF, for my health, for GOD's grace, for our supportive family & friends and for each other. We are so fortunate to have such great success on our first try and even though it was a little harder for us, it makes us appreciate it that much more. We weren't able to have babies the fun way, but it did make us grow closer and it is absolutely amazing the way these doctors are able to totally manipulate your body to do what it is supposed to WHEN THEY WANT IT TO! For anyone who has struggled with infertility, my hat goes off to you, it is an incredibly emotional, physically and financially draining experience and I wish you all nothing but success. We have now been blessed with 2 beautiful, healthy children through 3 attempts, 1 of which ended in a very early miscarriage.

For anyone struggling with infertility, if you want someone to chat with reach out. It was a journey, but  we were lucky with our process and we were successful, and I pray you will be too. Stay strong, be brave and try to stay positive!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Moment of Silence to Remember 9/11 and give thanks!

Where were you 12 years ago on this day that will forever be in our minds and our hearts? I was in high school chemistry class and as we all sat around astonished, scared, and clueless as to what was really going on, our world was forever changing. I am so thankful for the country we live in, for the country my children will grow up in, for the country that allows me to work and be married to a man from another culture, religion and race. I am so thankful for this place we call home and I pray that some of the craziness will end in our country. No more mall shootings or school shootings, let's honor our home and our rights and lift it up!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fall- what it means to me

Ah, my favorite season is here! My riding boots (no, I don't actually ride, lol) are itching to come out, my scarves are screaming wear me and my yard is starting to collect leaves already. Fall is my favorite season for so, so many reasons.

The weather. Can you say perfect? 70's, beautiful colorful leaves, what could be better? I don't too much care for the ragweed, but nothing a little Claritin can't fi.

The Family Activities. This is probably my number 1 reason. Apple picking, pumpkin picking, Fair, festivals, Gianna's Birthday, Halloween, my birthday, Thanksgiving and more!

The food. Pumpkin donuts, pumpkin coffees, pumpkin cheesecakes, soup and crock pot meals...YUM!!!

Fashion. Scarves, hoodies, riding boots, jeans, sweaters, love it all!

Social times with friends & family. Fire pits, cabin trips, festivals, football sunday's & more.

I am very excited that Fall is here and I am looking forward to all the amazing memories that are in store this year.

Monday, September 9, 2013

How a room can bring back Memories

Growing up, we lived in the same house until I was about 13 years old, so I can pretty much picture every room in my house and I have a few special ones.

My bed room- it was never matchy, matchy or fancy, it was always just fun and my mom pretty much let me rock whatever style I wanted. It was my space, I used to build forts with my sheets and enclose my TV in there (LOL) and me and my dog use to have slumber parties. It was a room I have only good memories in.

Then there was our family room, the space where we all hung out, where I played with my barbies behind the couch and the family sat and enjoyed each other.

Lastly, there was our downstairs basement room/office where we had a pull out sofa. This was me and my dad's "pent house". Whenever my Grandma would visit throughout the year, we would camp out down there together, because she snored so loud and she would sleep in my room. I was a huge daddy's girl so this is still a very special memory for me.

I love thinking about the rooms I grew up in and hope that my children one day have these very special memories too.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Just Another Day at the Beach- Family Vacation

Our family vacation to Destin was so amazing, it was short and sweet. Gianna LOVED the water and went from screaming and not wanting to touch the sand to throwing it all over herself and loving every minute. She is getting so much better at swimming and she is such a spit fire. She even got to fly her first kite, which she was sooo excited about and had her first daiquiri, virgin of course! I love seeing her laugh and enjoy herself. Miles was such a great little guy. He is the sweetest dude around and is such a trooper. It is hard to believe next summer I will be watching them play in the sand together.