Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tales from the crib

So let's be real, video monitors are awesome!  What is better than being able to look at and hear your baby while they are sleeping? Nothing, that's what.  So when Tiffany over at Dropcam emailed me and asked me to join in on their "Tales" from the crib, I thought it was such a fun idea! I didn't have one amazing story to tell, but I have a few that stick out in my mind (and heart).

Recently, Gianna was taking a late nap, my mom went up to check on her and started screaming at the top of her lungs, "GLORI!!!". I immediately start running upstairs and I hear her talking to Gianna, "don't worry, I will break it if I have to". Huh? Well little miss Gianna had stuck her leg through the crib and crazy Granny was freaking and getting Gianna all worked up. I simply turned her leg and slid it out, something she probably would have done herself if Granny didn't go crazy. Funny crib memory!

Another fun little crib memory I have is of Gianna playing in her crib too long while she should be drifting off into nap time, so the first time she was staying up a little too long, I used the talk feature on the monitor and said "Go night night, close eyes". I think it startled her a little and she immediately laid down and went to sleep. It has worked many times since that day.

There are a million times when she has woke up and I have just watched her as she has played independently in her crib. From the days when she was an infant and would spend independent play time just rolling around playing with her feet, to the days she learned to play with a little toy, to the days like today where she will wake up and read a book or play with multiple stuffed animals using her imagination.  These moments make my heart so happy!

Then, there is my baby boy.  He has had challenges.  He was small, has reflux, is over coming torticollis and is now wearing a helmet for plagiocephaly.  These things have probably kept me a little extra concerned about him, especially while he is sleeping. I didn't want him to roll over and get stuck, to throw up or choke while sleeping or any other discomforting and dangerous thing to happen to him while sleeping. However, I did want him to learn to sleep in his crib right away.  He started at 8 weeks with a wedge and the monitor turned up to the max. Now, he is sleeping peacefully with a lovey, a couple small toys and a light blanket. His helmet is even to help protect him as he rolls around and bumps himself, lol.  He is currently in the teething phase and wakes up for his paci, so we sprinkle paris all around him when he goes to bed so that there is always one in arms reach.

For both my kids, the crib has been a happy place and for that I am grateful.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday!


So crazy to think temps were near 70 here in Atlanta this week and last week we had a snow storm! Loving this warm weather and my weekend runs!


Strep. Yuck. Gianna has caught it for the first time and has hardly eaten anything in 2 days. We caught it super early and she had a painful shot that should be kicking streps ass right about now.


Traveling in 2014? I am! We have booked our trip to Jamaica in June, my last weekend in my 20's in November is booked for San Francisco and am in the middle of booking a September week in Disney for Gianna as a 3rd birthday present. :) Fun times ahead for the Changar fam!


Work. Lots of changes are happening and lots of work is coming. Some parts are exciting, some are not. Trying to take it all in and make the best of it. So thankful for my husband and family as they help bear the weight of my work load. It takes a village people!


Hot Yoga! Ah, I have been missing it the past few weeks, went back Monday, got super sore and loved every second.

Cheers to the weekend ya'll, let's do this!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workout Wednesday- The day I ran a half marathon

I picked up running back when I was a junior in high school. When I started, I couldn't make it a mile. I stuck with it, and by the time I was in college I was knocking out 6 miles like nobody's business. I mean I wasn't running super speedy, but pretty fast in my book, anywhere from a 8-9 minute mile which is must faster than what I do today.

Then, my career started, life's wonderful responsibilities, graduate school started while working full time and I was traveling for work more. I still hit up the gym and ran, but nothing like I was doing, because my free time was drastically reduced. Around the time I met my husband (Fall 2008) I was training for my first half with my best friend. We were probably up to about 8 or 9 miles when my love journey started picking up with my husband and I started bailing out of runs to spend time with him, we were new and needed that nurturing.We both ditched the half training and that was fine.

My husband and I started working out together after work, I introduced him to the treadmill. At first, he was not a fan, again, he couldn't even run a mile without gasping for air. Eventually, he got better and better. He ran a few 5ks and eventually his first Peachtree Road Race (10k) and he was hooked. Then, of all times, when I was pregnant with Miles, he decided to kick it up a notch and start running 8-9 miles on some weekends, while I was laid up at home taking care of a toddler, getting fat. How kind, lol.

After I had my son, I felt pretty great relatively. I was ready to get back into shape and wanted to reach some personal goals, so I convinced my husband who had basically already started training to sign up for a half marathon which was 12 weeks out. I found this training guide and followed it loosely. I was up to 10 miles in what feels like no time and enjoying it! I had found a love for running outside and I was feeling so accomplished.

3.5 months after having my second child, I ran my first half marathon! It was euphoric. It was such an achievement and to be able to accomplish it alongside my husband was even better. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, I got a little psyched out, but I finished and under my main goal time. We signed up for another Thanksgiving morning and we both killed it! It was awesome! And freezing by the way! LOL

Anyways, my point is, yes some people can run and run and run, but anyone can run. You just have to stick with it, push yourself and don't give up. Each run try to go a little longer. It is a skill, you will improve and you can do it. Your knees may hurt, ice them, you may get sore, it is normal, you may throw up, that's ok, you may hate it at first, get over it, just keep going!!!

The 3 p's!!! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Valentine's shout out to my Mista Lova!

Love.  Isn't it a beautiful thing? Although I officially have 3 Valentine's, my main squeeze, my mista, he is my true Valentine. He is truly amazing and while most days I am probably complaining to much, as is he (cough cough husband), why not have one day a year that is dedicated to the amazing thing that brought us together...love.

I am so glad that love brought us together.  We both had separate journeys.  Bad relationships, failed relationships, tears shed & lessons learned, but those were just teasers, teasers for our journey together. The amazing life that we would build, the children we have created, and this beautiful love thing we share.

AL, my love, my man, my best friend,
Our love is forever, not just a trend.
You make me smile, laugh and feel happy.
And seeing you with our kids makes me so sappy.
I love that you can pick up a bug with your hands,
work with tools and hang the christmas light strands.
You can also whip up a mean meal,
and know just how to make a lady feel.
There is so many reasons our love is the best,
and the most special thing in the world is our little nest.
Thank you so much for being my Valentine,
and always looking so, so fine. :)

I love you today and always!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Captain America Baby

For those of you who haven't read my guest post over at Becky's site, about a month ago Miles was officially diagnosed with Plagiocephaly, or flat head syndrome. Plagiocephaly is becoming more and more common as parents are encouraged to keep their babies sleeping on their backs. For Miles, he had a growth restriction in the womb and was born very small, this led him to Torticollis and Torticollis often leads to Plagiocephaly.  For those of you who have never dealt with these things, these terms are probably new to you.

Miles was diagnosed with Torticollis at his 4 month appointment. He was favoring one side, not enjoying tummy time at all, not rolling over and not turning his head easily. He immediately started physical therapy. During all this time we knew his head was a little flat, but as most babies are at this point, we waited and monitored it. At one of his visits with his physical therapist she recommended we get a scan. We did and he was diagnosed with moderate Plagiocephaly. His symmetry was actually ok and would probably improve to the normal range on its own, but his head was a little wider than they would like the ratio to be. So decision made, our son was going to be rocking a helmet.

He has now had his helmet on for 2 weeks, overall it has been a pretty smooth transition. It started out great, but as of recently he has seemed bothered by it and we are now going on 2 nights of rough sleep, but he had his first adjustment yesterday and hopefully that made it a little more comfortable for him again. You can already see improvements to his head, it is really quite amazing.

We have taken him all over with his helmet, ballet, the park, the store, dinners, etc. Do people stare? Of course they do. Have people asked some ridiculous questions. Yes, they have. Do I understand? Somewhat, I mean I probably would have been clueless a few years ago too, but hello, a helmet isn't going to do anything for your brain people, he doesn't have anything wrong with his brain (thank God).

A lot of people with babies who have Plagiocephaly think they did something wrong or that it is their fault. As a mom of 2 kids who I have done everything exactly the same with, I can tell you that is not true. For Miles, he had a condition that led to this, but even if your baby didn't, you are not at fault. Everyone today pushes parents to keep their babies on their back while sleeping and let's face it, most babies sleep a lot in the beginning. SIDS is a very real and scary thing and the #1 prevention for it is to keep babies on their backs. Backs. Backs. Backs.  Well, with this, comes other things like plagiocephaly. Babies heads are soft in the beginning, so keeping them on their backs makes their little heads flat. Most will improve on their own as they get increased tummy time and start sitting up, but others need some help and these very expensive helmets seem to do the trick.

A new fashion trend? You betcha! If you haven't heard, helmets are all the rage, I mean just ask Captain America...

Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday!


Ugh, this week has been great, terrible and stressful all at the same time. I started Sunday with stomach flu, but won my super bowl pool. Then, Monday got offered a promotion at work, but was slammed at work all week and missed my gym schedule. I am pooped and looking forward to the weekend.


Gianna's valentine's day party at pre-school is today and again I am one of the host moms, so I am really looking forward to my lunch break visit with her. Made these fun favors for her exchange and this goody bins for the kids. Excited!!


This guy is BIG time now, sitting up on his own like a champ! So proud!!!


My workout is all off this week with work and the stomach bug - it totally sucks, but I am going to do whatever I have to do during this transition at work to keep it up. Back to the grind!


Oh. My. Goodness do I need a weekend. To catch up. To breathe and to not look at a computer screen all day! Cheers to Friday!!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gianna's Pre-school Valentine's Favors- & a free Printable

I have been loving being a mommy of a pre- schooler and now with my silhouette cameo I am an improved mommy of a pre-schooler (smile).  So with another holiday and another school holiday party comes a fun little project for my sweet little girl. I decided to do something quick, easy, practical and of course cute for her Valentine's day favors to pass out in class. Here is a look at Gianna's favors and a free printable for a generic version of the label I designed myself.

Here is the free printable version.

4 baby embryos...just chillin'

For those of you who read my blog, you know that we went through IVF with ICSI with both of our kids.  We were very fortunate, I was a prime candidate for IVF and my body responded very well to all of the medication. I easily produced 22 large eggs, 10 fertilized and 7 made it to beautiful day 5 embryos of the highest grade! We have only had to transfer 1 embryo each time and all 3 resulted in positive pregnancy tests. One did end in an early miscarriage, but 2 out of 3 have turned into beautiful babies. We are blessed to say the least. Blessed that science made this process available for us, blessed to have success with it, to be able to afford it, etc, etc.

In our minds we have always been a 2 kid type of family. I have always said I prefer man on man defense over the zone (smile). Now that I have my 2 beautiful babies, I am hesitant, am I really done? Not so sure. I wavered and came back to the decision that I "think" I am, but still have the ability to change my mind. However, we still have these 4 beautiful baby embryos that are currently sitting in the freezer and each year we pay a rental fee, yes, a rental fee, to store our little babies. It is a pretty large expense and could go towards many other things, kids college, savings, vacation, etc. We can stop paying it at any time and have 3 options of what would happen to our little embryos.

One, they could be disposed of.

Two, they can be donated to science and research.

Or three, they can be donated to someone to use.

We decided from the get go, option three was not an option, for us it was just too weird and while I respect everyone's decisions and while I feel empathy towards those who need emrbyos in order to conceive, for me just cannot do it. We decided science is what got us here, so once we were ready to make that decision, we would donate our embryos to science. However, I cannot bring myself to grips to do it anytime soon. I just am not sure and feel like I have plenty of time to still change my mind, so for now we continue to pay our rental fees, but gosh I don't know if I will ever be ready to say goodbye to them permanently. Although for now our IVF journey is complete, it still is an emotional roller coaster.