Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Workout Wednesday- The day I ran a half marathon

I picked up running back when I was a junior in high school. When I started, I couldn't make it a mile. I stuck with it, and by the time I was in college I was knocking out 6 miles like nobody's business. I mean I wasn't running super speedy, but pretty fast in my book, anywhere from a 8-9 minute mile which is must faster than what I do today.

Then, my career started, life's wonderful responsibilities, graduate school started while working full time and I was traveling for work more. I still hit up the gym and ran, but nothing like I was doing, because my free time was drastically reduced. Around the time I met my husband (Fall 2008) I was training for my first half with my best friend. We were probably up to about 8 or 9 miles when my love journey started picking up with my husband and I started bailing out of runs to spend time with him, we were new and needed that nurturing.We both ditched the half training and that was fine.

My husband and I started working out together after work, I introduced him to the treadmill. At first, he was not a fan, again, he couldn't even run a mile without gasping for air. Eventually, he got better and better. He ran a few 5ks and eventually his first Peachtree Road Race (10k) and he was hooked. Then, of all times, when I was pregnant with Miles, he decided to kick it up a notch and start running 8-9 miles on some weekends, while I was laid up at home taking care of a toddler, getting fat. How kind, lol.

After I had my son, I felt pretty great relatively. I was ready to get back into shape and wanted to reach some personal goals, so I convinced my husband who had basically already started training to sign up for a half marathon which was 12 weeks out. I found this training guide and followed it loosely. I was up to 10 miles in what feels like no time and enjoying it! I had found a love for running outside and I was feeling so accomplished.

3.5 months after having my second child, I ran my first half marathon! It was euphoric. It was such an achievement and to be able to accomplish it alongside my husband was even better. I didn't do as well as I would have liked, I got a little psyched out, but I finished and under my main goal time. We signed up for another Thanksgiving morning and we both killed it! It was awesome! And freezing by the way! LOL

Anyways, my point is, yes some people can run and run and run, but anyone can run. You just have to stick with it, push yourself and don't give up. Each run try to go a little longer. It is a skill, you will improve and you can do it. Your knees may hurt, ice them, you may get sore, it is normal, you may throw up, that's ok, you may hate it at first, get over it, just keep going!!!

The 3 p's!!! 


  1. Good for you!!! I've always wanted to like running, but it's always been such a struggle for me. I've started to run in small intervals when I go to the gym. I still don't like it, but I'm getting more stamina and I can feel that I'm getting better at it, which is awesome!

  2. I see so many people getting into running these days. As a former athlete I keep telling myself running now would be a way back to the athletic me. I ve just never been a fan of running but I also know it s all in my own head about whether I can do it or not.