Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Never Ever Ever

Never Ever Ever....

1. Will I not love fall! Cool weather, outdoor activities, Fairs, pumkpin treats, holidays, riding boots, leggings...I mean what is not to love.

2. Will I not get pumped about Fall TV starting. My DVR is about to get packed. Anyone else stoked about Homeland tonight?

3. Will I not obsess over how cute and amazing my kids are in their fall clothes! Skinny jeans, sweaters, leggings & boots for my girl and cute little plaid shirts and cargos for my baby boy!

4. Will I not enjoy an iced latte before work. I am trying to quit, but gosh McDonald's you have got me hooked!

5. Will I enjoy the fact that soon it is going to be dark at 5 pm- I HATE it!! We need our sunlight to play outside in this gorgeous weather!

6. Will I not LOVE wearing a hoodie, I mean really, what is better??

1 comment:

  1. I love fall weather for hoodies too!!! And I'm super excited about the new fall TV shows!!!