Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Putting my Bachelor fav's on the record!

Ok, so the season is really getting started now and we are down to 8 girls. I am listing my top choices in order...




So, the 3 above are super different, but I think all are great choices for Brad. Chantal is the oldest out of the women left and some of the others seem a little young for him. He is 37 ladies!! 24 is a bit young. Chantal-28, Emily-24, Ashley- 26...are the ages of all the ladies. Emily is so kind and so well spoken, she has an adorable little girl and seems very mature, so although she is young, I think they would be a good match. I am 26 and my husband is about to be 34, so I do think there should be some room there. Chantal gives him crap, which reminds me of myself, so I like it. Ashley seems like her and Brad have great chemistry and something just clicks. Who will it be?? Don't know, have to stay tuned!!!

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