Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Weekly Randoms

1. Sorry I have been MIA, work has been kicking my a$$, I mean seriously. I barely have time to pee between meetings.

2. Juan Pablo= worst. bachelor. ever. I mean really?!!! but..."it's ooook" bahahaha

3. Spring- I love it, but I hate it. Pollen has already started, yuck.

4. Vacation, man I am looking forward to one.

5. The Nora Virus/Stomach bug- OMG leave our family alone, it has been kicking Miles but for over a week now and we have been spreading it...on accident. Sorry Grandpa and Aunt Alanna- Miles loves you!!

6. it here yet?

7. More babies- it is in the air, lots of preggers friends right now.

8. A haircut? I need one.

9. The gym? Oh how I miss you. I am trying to squeeze in little sessions at home after the kids go to sleep, but I am looking forward to the ashes settling at work and getting back into a rhythm- oh man am I looking forward to this. I am a creature of a routine and balance.

10. Joy! My kids bring me so much. I have been a little stressed the past couple weeks with all of these changes and coming home to them (even though it is a lot later than I would like) is the GREATEST. Oh and my husband= AWESOME!! Been cooking dinner and helping me so much! Love my little family to the moon and back.

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