Wednesday, November 12, 2014

On Turning 30...

Well, today is my last day as a "twenty-something" and you know what that means- Tomorrow is the day!  The day I officially turn 30!  My husband and I spent my last weekend in my 20's in San Francisco, kid free.  We had a blast!  Now I am home and going to ring in the day in my most favorite way, day off work, spending it with my family.  Nice, casual dinner and of course birthday dessert!

My twenties have been amazing!  10 years ago if I were to say where I wanted to be when I was 30, I would have said right here!  I have 2 beautiful, healthy, absolutely amazing children- very lucky to have both a boy and a girl.  I have a really great job, my career has had ups and downs over the past 5 years, it took off really quick, then I took a step back to move close to home and have babies.  I recently received a promotion and am working my way back up the corporate ladder at a company that is close to home and a great place to work.  We have a beautiful home, my mom is nanny to my kids, I am healthy and I have a super great husband!  Life is great!  

My 20's weren't always exactly as I would have thought.  I never imagined to be getting my colon removed- yep, total colectomy.  I also never imagined to be a healthy 26 year old shooting myelf up with estrogen and progesterone and having to visit a fertility doctor to have babies.  I also never imagined I would be excited to be buying a mini van.  But....I gotta say, with all the ups and downs, this has been the best decade of my life. Met and married my husband, had my 2 fabulous kids and completed my family!  My twenties were amazing and I am sad to see them go, but very much looking forward to everything my 30's have in store for me.

I want to rock my 30's! I want to start right away, to step up my fitness, set some slightly healthier habits for my kids, travel, have fun, make memories, work hard in my career while being a great mommy and give back to my community!  I don't know that anything can live up to the milestones of my 20's, however, I think my 30's will most definitely be super, duper amazing! I can't wait!! Let's do this!!

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