Monday, March 7, 2011

My Weekend update

So this weekend was filled with fun activities. Friday my friend had a passion party. Then, Saturday we started the morning bright and early by taking our car to the BMW dealership. It was making this weird ticking noise and they needed to keep it so they gave us a loaner. They are very smart people, they put us in a 2011 BMW 335 with ALL options! Sports package, navigation, everything! It was niiiice! Then, we went to Douglasville to hang out with my best friend, her husband and their new baby. The boys began drinking scotch at 10:30 am while we chatted and spent time with baby. Then, we met up with our other best friend and her fiance and baby boy for dinner at one of Allan's Douglasville favs- Texas Roadhouse. Sunday was a much more relaxing day, we met friends for brunch at J Christoper's, took the dogs on a walk, went to the grocery store and out for dinner. It was a busy, but nice weekend. Now, this week we have lot's of exciting things in store as well including our 11 month wedding anniversary (which we have something very special planned), my little sis's 13th b-day and a dinner with friends this weekend. I hate having to come in to work on Monday's, but looking forward to weeknight's and weekend plans.

Have a good week everyone!

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