Friday, December 13, 2013

Five on Friday


Miles rolled over!! Front to back AND he is almost sitting up by himself already. His rolling was delayed due to his torticollis, but I finally feel like wow, he is really improving.


Wow, only 12 days till Christmas! I am 95% ready, waiting on 1 more package to arrive and have some more baking for the neighbors, mail lady, trash people, etc.


Holiday baking, The best. It started and it continues!


Having a toddler and putting wrapped presents under the tree doesn't work. I tried it. LOL. She is doing great with not messing with the tree though. Very proud of her and very impressed.


The world is a crazy place. I was all pro gun until I went to the range and it freaked me out, but then I got the husband one and now I am thinking I need to get in there and really learn to use it and get my own too. I know everyone has their own strong views on this, so don't judge mine, but the world is getting more and more crazy!  People are cray cray and unfortunately around the holidays even more. Sad to see the news. Everyone out there stay safe.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. You just gave me a heart attack saying 12 days left of christmas. ahhh.

    new to your blog :) Im ashlea!

    1. hey chick, following back, thanks for reading and LOL you are funny!! - See more at:

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  3. hey chick, following back, thanks for reading and LOL you are funny!!