Thursday, December 19, 2013

Happy 1/2 year birthday to my baby boy!

Dearest Miles,

I can't believe you are already 1/2 year old!  You are such an amazing little guy and I just love you more than words could ever describe.

You are babbling like crazy, even said da-da! You are catching up on your milestones, rolling belly to back like a champ! You can even sit up on your own for like 5 seconds, so that you are doing amazing with! You are doing a fantastic job in physical therapy, the Therapist even said and I quote, "better than she anticipated."

Sleep. Sleep my boy, it's a beautiful thing and you are doing pretty darn good with it. You occassionally wake up wanting your noni (paci) and mommy gets up right away to give it to you. I want to start this week weaning you off of your 10:30 pm bottle and maybe even letting you be for a few minutes before I run to give you your noni, but soon you will be able to grab them on your own and stick those suckers in your mouth which will be awesome.

Speaking of mouth, your bottom two teeth are going to pop through any day now, the pediatrician even confirmed this. You just started eating cereal and have tried peaches so far. Sweet potatoes are going in the oven this weekend to be pureed.

You love cuddles, baths and being held. You love, love your mommy too and your sister, she makes you laugh like crazy.

You are 14lb 2oz, the 3rd percentile on weight and right at 25 inches or 6/7th percentile, but mommy knows you are catching up and you are every bit of perfection!

Most people still say you look like daddy, but I see quite a bit of mommy too. EVERYONE is obsessed with your eye lashes, they are gorgeous! Sister's are pretty darn long too, but your's are even longer and have the most amazing natural curve to them.

You love playing with your Sophie or little toys you can hold and stick in your mouth.  I am so happy I get to be your mommy. Your personality shows more and more everyday and it is truly the greatest gift to watch you and your sister flourish! Your first Christmas is next week and you get to play baby Jesus in the church christmas program- you are a star already, but now you are really going to be famous! :)

Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back my sweet boy!

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