Friday, May 2, 2014

Five on Friday


Potty Training. DO NOT attempt to do this with a toddler by yourself while a baby is cruising around. We are taking a break and after vacations will take a few days off work to take Miles away from Gianna and knock this out.  Ready to get rid of half the diapers in my house- For sure!!


Vacations. Ahhh. I need one. Have 2 right around the corner. Counting down!


Ear Infections= YUCK! Gianna got her first one. High fever, yucky feeling, tired baby. She has had 4 shots in the past 2 days and is currently at the Dr. with dad for another 2. Poor thing, if only she would take medicine. She swears, "milk makes her feel better".


We have officially decided we are putting our house on the market in September. Exciting. Scary. Lots to do. It isn't peak selling season, but after we can put swings, bottles, jumpers away and at least make the house look semi less day care ish we are going to see what happens, if nothing by end of November we will take it off and try again at the end of January which is better timing. Fingers crossed it sells quick. Still a ways away, but it is exciting none the less.


Run. I need a long one. It has been a few weeks of me feeling like crap from what I blame allergies for and this weekend I need to push myself so I can get a long run in.

Cheers to the weekend ya'll!

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