Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Shopping

So, I am pretty much done with all of my christmas shopping with the exception of 1 or 2 small items that I will pick up here and there to add to gifts and I even got everything wrapped and under the tree this weekend. I just love the holidays and I can't believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! It is sad that it goes by so fast. This year Allan and I had budgets for eachother, because lately we have had some very large expenses including medical bills from ourselves and Otis's $6k leg surgeries. I am excited about the items I was able to purchase for him with a smaller than usual budget and hoping he likes them. So here are a couple of my christmas shopping tips:

1. Listen- throughout the year or even just the few months leading up to Christmas, listen to your loved ones, you never know when they will mention something they have been needing or wanting

2. Make lists- making a list of the people you have to buy for, what you are getting them and checking them off when complete is so helpful

3. Have fun with it- you don't always have to get people something extremely meaningful or useful, go for the fun gift from Brookstone or the cute sweater - just make sure to include a gift receipt, nothing worse than being sstuck with a sweater that doesn't fit

4. Look at magazines for fun ideas- I subscribe to a few different ones and I always love looking at their holiday gift giving ideas.

5. Send personalized cards- Sure most people trash them, but it is so much fun going to take a family holiday pic and sending it to all your friends (we are hoping there will be an addition to our 2011 holiday card :)

6. Look at the items in the check out lane- While waiting in line, check the small gifts toward the registers, sometimes there are little fun items you can add to your gifts

7. Stick to your budget- Yes, Christmas is all about giving, but don't go overboard, stay within your budget and stick to the task, it may be hard to pass up all those cute items you see that would look great on you, but unless you went out with intentions to shop for yourself, try not to

8. Take advantage of free shipping- why pay an additional $10 to have your stuff shipped, monitor the store for a week or so and try to take advantage of a free shipping deal

9.  use coupons- I have used GAP cash, NY&CO cash, Kohls Cash and so many other great coupons this holiday season.

10. GIVE- buy at least 1 toy for a good cause or volunteer your time. This season is all about giving and while it is fun to shop for your loved ones, remember there are others in need and if you can help, do so!

Happy Holiday Shopping Everyone!!!

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