Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Favorite things about the holidays!

O my geez, Christmas is less than a week away now and while I am super excited, I am also sad it is almost over. This is our first Christmas as a married couple. It is our 3rd together, so we have already started building some traditions, but it is super exciting that we are Mr. & Mrs. now and next year there may be 5 (or more) of us in our little family for Christmas!...maybe, lol (that is including Otis & Oreo). So, I love so many things about the holidays that I wanted to share:

1) The holiday spirit - yes it is in the air, not everyone has it, but I do. It is such a wonderful time to focus on your family and the less fortunate, to give, to be happy and cheerful!

2) The lights- I LOVE driving around and seeing all of the Christmas lights. I must say my husband did an AMAZING job on our house, it looks like a little gingerbread house and I love pulling up to it every night.

3) The tree- it is such a perfect addition to any household. We do real ones, but the fake ones are just as great. Every year we buy a meaningful ornament and we try to get them sometimes when we travel too, so it is always nice to pull them out and think about all the wonderful times. My first ornament from my husband was a ball with a girl in a wheel chair handpainted on it. Our first Christmas together wasn't in the hospital, but a lot of December was and the rest was spent recovering from surgery and during this time is when I knew he was the one! This ornament is the most special.

4)Family time- Thanksgiving dinner with the family, christmas tree shopping, christmas shopping, taking the dogs to Santa, family photos, Christmas movies, Christmas parties, Christmas Eve Church, Christmas morning, New Years...ah, there are just so many wonderful moments to share with your loved ones.

5)Presents- yes, admit it, we all love them! My greatest is all the love from my family, most of all my husband.

6) The time off work- The days off & slows days are a nice break!

I don't like: scruges, all the people coughing and sneezing, the cleaning up of the lights and trees, the break in my tv schedule and the shopping traffic, but the rest is all worth it. Now, if only we could all have the holiday spirit all year round. This year, whatever is going on, remember things could always be worse, focus on the positive and be cheerful. Love those who matter and make sure you tell them. This time of year is so much more than just presents and christmas carols, it is a truely magical time!

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