Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's day!

In Honor of Father's day, I would like to thank my amazing dad for all that he has done for me. As a little girl, you were my idol and best friend. I was your co-pilot and baby and our relationship was something I will always treasure. As I got older things got difficult, divorce, fights and other things caused us to lose our bond, but today we are close again and I am grateful. You are a great dad and father in law to Allan and I cannot wait for you to be a Grandpa to our sweet baby girl! I love you!

Now- my husband. The best daddy to our pups in the whole wide world. Tons of big, wet kisses, play time, fetch, cuddles and discipline. For all the things he does, I love him. Throughout my pregnancy he has been amazing and I can tell how excited he is getting to meet our baby girl. You are going to be the best dad ever and I cannot wait to see you hold her. I love you!!

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