Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mommy car now or wait a bit??...hmmmm

So currently our garage houses a 2008 BMW (which I drive) and I 2009 Ridgeline (loaded). They are both super nice and we love both our cars. The BMW is a sedan, but it is a 3 series and kind of small for mommy and baby. The ridgeline is plenty big, but since I would be driving to and from day care on most days it would be best for me to be driving the "main family car". The car seat will fit in the car, but it is snug. We are now in the process of deciding trade now or wait another year. Either way, it will be all good and we will be fine, but it is just such a hard decision. We have a lot of positive equity in the BMW since it has 0% interest and we want to get something pretty big and nice that we can keep for at least 6 years. We have pretty much decided that IF we do decide to go mommy style now we are going to get a Pilot Touring fully kiddy equipped.

Decisions, Decisions...they are never easy!

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