Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Strike while the iron is hot!

So as anyone who has read this knows, my mom has a serious problem- she is a hoarder and it is more annoying to me than anything in the world that she won't stop with the BS and get it together...but she is my mommy and I do love her and I am always wanting to help her. That being said, she is in a tough spot right now. Her engine on her car is about to go and she doesn't have the money or the credit to buy another. We just bought a car and I refuse to put a 3rd under either of our names, so she asked my sister, but she was not willing to help in anyway, which is understandable as well. I just felt terrible all night, so thought it over and discussed with the hubby and I am going to OFFER to make a deal with her.

She is supposed to be getting some money (don't know how much, not a whole lot, but enough for a descent used civic with low miles I am sure) from my Grandma's will. I don't know when she will get this, however, if she speaks with my uncle and determines she will get it within the next few months Allan and I will work with her to find and buy her a nice, reliable used car that she will pay us back in full for in the next 3 months- no exceptions. But wait, there is 1 other stipulation...and this is the good part. She must let us begin cleaning out her house and I mean a big cleaning session- Dumpster trips and goodwill runs galore! It is time to take our help and take her big girl pill. She is discussing moving closer to us and she won't be able to move with the obscene amount of crap she has- plus I will not be comfortable leaving Gianna there overnight. I want her to play a major role and of course she is welcome at our house to baby sit, but there will be times when we would love to be able to leave her overnight and she is too far and too messy for us to do this right now.

She never actually takes us up on our offers, but hey we are going to give it a go and if not, she will be left to hope her car makes it until that money comes. 

Updates to come...

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