Monday, January 6, 2014

3-6 Month Favorites

3 to 6 months is such an amazing age. Baby starts getting their personality, laughing, babbling, rolling, sitting up, etc. It starts the age of exploration and so much learning and observation.  Here are some of Miles 3-6 month favorites, other than his sister and 2 boston terriers, lol.

1. Bumbo Seat - the greatest, we now put him in the bath with his big sister, you can take it with you to go visit people's houses and have the baby sit at the table, on the floor, etc.

2. Sophie - the most expensive teething toy you will ever see, but totally worth it. He LOVES it and now he is official, rocking 2 bottom teeth!

3. Baby Links - can't get enough of these, you can use them to attach the pacis, hang toys from play mat, car seat, stroller, etc. Miles loves to chew on them as well.

4. Lovie - Miles has 2 and loves them. He cuddles with them and covers his eyes with them while napping

5. Exersaucer - Fun, Fun and more fun!  Both our babies are relatively small, so this one was great, because they both loved to be upright and it has a nice base that can be moved up and down to grow with them.


  1. My little guy turns 6 months this week and loves playing with or using everything on your list! We got him an exersaucer for Christmas and it was an absolute hit!