Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Re-cap

Well, well, hello 2014! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, mine was amazing! It was so nice to be at home spending quality time with my family. We started with Christmas Eve at Grandma and Grandpa's house including church, dinner and presents! Miles played baby Jesus in the Christmas show at church and totally rocked it. Best. Baby. Jesus. Ever!!! About 10 minutes before church started he started screaming crying and wouldn't really stop, but I finally got him to calm down and he stole the show. Love him!! Then, we ate a yummy dinner and opened presents. Gianna was loving it, she got a few things and loved all of them!

That night we came home way passed bed time, but let Gianna put out milk and cookies for Santa. Then, as she went to bed we made MANY trips down the steps putting everything around the tree. The next morning we woke her up, fixed her hair and I walked her downstairs with Miles as Allan recorded her reaction. She started opening presents and was so happy. At times she was overwhelmed, at times she acted like a spoiled brat saying "more presents", but MOST of the time she acted like a very loving, blessed, excited child on Christmas morning and it was FABULOUS!  Yes, each toy we opened she wanted to take out of the box, put it together and play, so around 9 am we took a breakfast break and then continued until around 11 am to when she took a nap, then continued some more. It was exhausting, there are still toys everywhere and we are trying to come up with some more storage and organizational solutions as we do not have a dedicated play area other than the living room right now. Which come on, my kids are babies they always need to be in my sight right now anyways, so I am good with it, it just sometimes gives me anxiety.

The whole family came over at lunch and we ate chicken pot pie, mac and cheese, sausage balls, cookies and pie. It was delish! Then, we relaxed around the house for the remainder of the evening, still in our PJ's and finally curled into bed after a very successful Christmas. Miles got a whole lot of teething toys, an awesome pottery barn chair, a few bigger toys for later and some clothes. The teething toys were by far his favorite items. Duh.

Gianna got several Dora toys, several Sofia toys, a Mike the Knight castle set, a microwave (which is a hit), a food set, a new Red Pottery Barn chair, a lot of clothes, a lot of books, some awesome bath toys, a new Dora robe which she now has to wear during nap time, a remote control car, a little mermaid doll and some new DVDs. Definitely spoiled!

My Christmas was filled with some awesome gifts as well and yes I know Christmas is not about gifts, but we are blessed to make this an extra part of our festivities and work very hard to do so. Our Christmas was amazing, it was filled with love, laughter, cheer, family and friends. I love the spirit that fills the air around the holidays and I am sad to see it pass, but I am very much excited about a new year, I hope and pray that each one continues to amaze me the way this one has.  I hope you all had the merriest of merry Christmas's as well.

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  1. What an awesome Christmas, I've always wanted those pottery barn chairs, I just love them. And your kiddos are so stinking cute, that close up of miles is to die for!!!!