Friday, January 10, 2014

5 on Friday!


We found out this week that Miles will have to wear a helmet for plagiocephaly. Poor guy, when will all the Dr. Appointments end for him?! I am still emotional about this and trying to get over that it will cost us $3k and if we would have done it 10 days ago it would have been FREE!! But, it is my parental duty. More on this to come.


We were planning to go to Europe- an all adult trip-- in April, but my heart has been tugging and telling me I am just not ready to leave Miles yet for that long, so we are post poning that trip until next year for our 5 year anniversary and we are going to plan something else in it's place, we are also planning on now going to Jamaica as a family in June to see Allan's parents since they live in Trinidad and there aren't any direct flights from Atlanta there anymore. Crazy I know considering Atlanta is the largest airport, but 2 kids 2 & under, an international flight, a lay over, 2 car seats, 2 pack and plays a stroller, oh lord I want to vomit just thinking about it, lol.


I have completed 2 leg workouts, 2 pull workouts and 1 push workout so far this year and am on track to do my 3 weight training days each week and damn it. I feel good about it. It is a big change in my workout routine and I have gotten home a few days a little later than I would like, but hoping to speed it up as I become more familiar with the workouts and as the gym clears out with the new years crowd.- Although, if you are one of the newvbies, keep it up, most won't so be one of the ones who will!
Need to be motivated to get moving? These will help :)


Clean Sheets. Aren't they the greatest! I just changed mine last night and every time I do it I love it!


Birthday planning. Yep for Mr. Miles first birthday. I have started, I want to try and do all of it myself on my silhouette and in my kitchen, lol, so it will take the full 5 months to make this happen.

Happy Friday All!!


  1. Hi there, I saw your post on From Mrs. to Mama about your son's helmet and wanted to ask you a few questions about it. My son has a very flat head from laying on his back as well, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about it? I tried to find an email for you on the blog, but must have missed it. Hope to hear from you!

    1. Hi there! Of course you can. Miles is just getting his put on today, so I am no expert, but please email me anytime :) xoxo