Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1st Month Baby Must Haves

Miles recently turned 1 month old and so I wanted to share a few of the items we couldn't have survived without during that first month.

1. Aden + Anais swaddle blankets- they come in fun prints are super soft, light weight and big to swaddle them nice and snug

2. Snap bibs that don't leak onto their clothes. Does anyone else hate the velcrow ones that stick to clothes & socks when washed? So frustrating!

3. Dr. Brown's Drying Rack- you don't necessarily need this one, this is just the one we use and love because you can store lots of bottles

4. Dr. Brown's bottles- these are the ones we used with both Gianna and now Miles

5. Boppy Pillow- we mainly use this to let Miles nap on the bed with us at night between his 8 and 11 feeding while we watch TV but it will continue to have more uses like chest time, etc.

6. Fisher Price Rocking Sleeper- this is what he sleeps in right next to our bed at night and it is super portable

7. Little Tummy's- both of our kids have had horrible gas and had to be on sensitive formula.

8. Philips pacis- so Gianna loved these in the first few months and Miles seems to as well. She preferred MAM later down the road, or maybe mommy did, but these are great for newborns.

9. Zip up sleepers- I mean really babies don't need any real clothes until the are like a year old, just sleepers and onesies mainly and the zip ones are the best!

10. Aveeno baby lotion for their dry, sensitive skin- the best!

What are your must haves?

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