Monday, June 28, 2010

My weekend review

So Friday as I was on my way to my hair appt and less than a 1/2 mile from the exit, I get a speeding ticket :(  It was sooo disappointing and heartbreaking, but I guess now I have to move on. It just freaking sucks, I was only speeding up to get around the slow line of cars to my right and over to the exit so the cars behind me wouldn't hit me. I was soo nervous that my hands were shaking and I could barely find my I.D. I guess the cop was nice enough to lower my speed by 3 mph so that I wouldn't get any points (according to him), but now I just have to wait for it to be submitted and see how much it is going to cost us $$. I was so upset, it is such a freaking waste of money, I know, I need to slow down, but I really wasn't going very fast. Ugh! :(   I am still sad about it. Anywhoo- I did end up making it to my hair appointment, but I was late, so they dyed my hair and I had to leave with it wet. It is definitely dark, not quite black, but close. Friday night we went to o'charley's with a few of our friends, it was a fun time, then Allan and I continued the fun at our neighbor friend's house. So as we were cracking open the cold beverages, there was a knock at the door- it was this creepy woman across the street saying "I saw a bunch of you hanging out so I came over". (She had a beer in hand) she sits down and begins to play cards with us. Since day 1, this woman rubbed me the wrong way and tonight was no different. I cannot count the # of smart comments she had to say. Saturday, we went to bike class and just relaxed, watched the World Cup then went to see Grown Ups- VERY funny by the way. Sunday, my mom came up, we watched some more soccer and cooked dinner last night. Other than the speeding ticket it was a nice weekend.

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