Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh How I miss thee....

So as you will learn, I like to have everything on a schedule. My career, my marriage, my day to day life. I know, it is not good, but it just makes me feel focused and on track. It isn't extreme, I don't go walking around with a calendar or anything, but I do like to plan slightly ahead of time. Every Tuesday, my husband and I have been going to Hot Yoga class. Occassionally we would miss class due to having to work late or being out of town, but it was ok, because I knew class would be there next week. Well, the freaking gym went to a new summer schedule and bye bye 6:15 Hot Yoga. No...... How could they do this without consulting with me first? This was my 1 hour a week to put all my worries in a balloon and let them go. Of course, we had to pick our balloons up on our way out, but I was really starting to enjoy being able to completely relax and stretch out my body for an hour a week. Now- well now we have to wait until August for it to come back on the schedule.

So last night we replaced Hot Yoga with a spin class. I just bought my husband bike shoes for his birthday that clip into the stationary bike. First time around, he couldn't figure it out in time for class, but we went back and this time he got them in and loved them. I think it was the most I have ever seen him sweat. It felt good. We are by no means fitness gurus, but I LOVE to workout. I just like getting my time in the gym because it helps me de-stress and feel better and healthier- oh and I did mention that we love to eat right? Well yes, we do, so going to the gym makes me feel "more balanced". I had a really, really good routine and schedule prior to meeting the Mr. and since then we have been off and on- more on lately, which is good, but we are really trying to stay focused and hit the gym at least 4 days a week. Since it is summer time, I am going to look for some fun outdoor activities to get us active as well...Stone Mountain, the local boardwalk, maybe a few 5k's- who knows.

I am really looking forward to this summer with my husband.

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