Friday, October 4, 2013

Five on Friday


My Half Marathon is finally here. It seems like just yesterday I signed up, maybe because it actually wasn't that long ago. I cannot wait to cross the finish line (post to come). Here is a list of my favorite's that have gotten me through my training.

1. My shoes- Asics. These shoes are lightweight,but provide a nice cushiony support.
2. Gap G Fast Leggings- my fav!! I swear they make me run faster, LOL!
3. Old Navy workout tops. Affordable, super comfortable and chic!


It is finally officially October, one of my favorite months of the year and probably the most jam packed. Apple picking (again) tomorrow morning.


For the first time I peed on a pregnancy test this month after 16 weeks of not having my cycle and thought, "oh dear lord, please don't let me be pregnant again". Crazy to think of how many times I peed on one and wished so badly for it to say yes, but thank goodness it was a no and since my lovely "Aunt Flow" has decided to make an appearance...(Now, can it go back away, lol) I am just not ready to have another baby, two under two is no joke, I love it, but I am happy with the way my family is right now...and maybe forever??!!?


My husband snagged this Samsung Note III this week and will not stop smiling. Love my techy guy!


I don't know, I am pooped, it has been the longest week at work ever. I missed my bike class, I missed my hot yoga class, I am feeling distraught about both of those things, but I am so happy it is Friday. I am looking forward to ballet class tomorrow morning, then apple picking, then pasta for dinner, because oh, did I mention...I am running a half marathon this weekend! Yeah that! Cheers to the weekend!!!


  1. yay! found you on the link-up. excited to follow along with your blog...hooray!

    and wow...good luck (and soon congrats!) on the 1/2 marathon this weekend. what an awesome accomplishment! CHEERS! ;)


    1. Thanks girly! I am going to need it, lol! Cheers!! Following back.