Thursday, October 17, 2013

Here we go again...toddler sick season

For those of you who read my blog, you may or may not know that I am a full time working mommy of 2 kids under the age of 2. When we had Gianna, my almost 2 year old (holding back the tears) was put into a very nice day care at 3 months old so that I could return to work. We had several recommendations to this daycare, it was a small class and not to mention, very expensive. In the course of the next 3 months of her life, she had croup 2x, a constant cold and mommy had the stomach flu (full blown) 3x and both mommy and daddy had lingering colds. Ok, I know, it is to be somewhat expected, however, we really were not liking the sick part.

We decided to offer my mom the job of being our kids full time nanny (& Granny of course) as she was not liking her job and commute and she was a teacher, so duh, made perfect sense. We took Gianna out of daycare and immediately we all felt the relief. Since then she has been one healthy little girl and mommy and daddy have been feeling so much better too.

This year, we had Miles and decided to put Gianna into pre pre school for only one half day a wee in hopes since it was mothers morning out and obviously the parents had someone there to pick their kids up mid day they maybe would not send them to school when they are sick. Well, a couple weeks in we get a letter that their is hand, foot and mouth in the class. YUCK! Whew, thank God she managed to not pick this round up. Oh and recently my facebook has been FLOODED with moms posting their kids have the flu, or hand foot and mouth, or a double ear infection, yikes! I am so grateful that we have an alternative to full time day care, because as a working mommy I know it is difficult to take off when your kids are sick, but I just hope we can keep our kids healthy and ourselves during this sick time.

However, yesterday she had a runny nose and woke up with a nasty, nasty cough this morning. I am hoping a cold is all it is. Again, I know with kids it is expected for them to get sick, I am just hoping to get through this sick season without any major sicknesses especially with a newborn in the house again. So now we work on getting Gianna feeling better, especially before her birthday party and my husband gets the "wash your hands for 20 seconds throughout the day" drill. Oh, and the vitamin C, we LOAD UP on that stuff!

For all you mommies out there, I hope you and your kiddos make it through all these nasty bugs going around also!


  1. I feel like we have colds we just cannot kick here in my house. Hope she feels all better for her party.

    1. thanks momma, hope you guys feel better soon too! :(