Thursday, October 3, 2013

If only we could see ourselves through our children's eyes

If only we could see ourselves through their eyes. Our children's eyes that is.

As me and my family are sitting down watching TV after dinner, Sofia the First to be exact, I am just soaking in all the love in the room.  The sound of my daughter's laughter fills the room with joy and my heart with happiness. My son sits in my lap just gazing at her with the sweetest smile.  Gianna points to the TV while the Queen is in the scene with her daughter "Princess Sofia" and says "Mommy" and points to the queen. Then, later in the show she sees the Prince and says "Daddy".

Another time, she picks up one of my Self magazines and on the cover is a beautiful woman in amazing shape and points and says "Mommy" and another time picks up my US Weekly and Princess Kate is on the cover, and yet again "Mommy". These are just some of the times my daughter has compared me to the most beautiful women around and man, it is the sweetest thing ever!

If we could only see ourselves through our innocent children's eyes, we would see all the good and stop focusing on our flaws. It is amazing, they see no color, they don't see weight, they don't see our flaws. Their love for us is so beautiful and genuine. I know my kids will not be this young and innocent forever, but man, I am cherishing these amazing little moments in time where I just think "Wow!"

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  1. There needs to be a like button on here. What a sweet post and so true. They see the queen, the princess, the beauty in us.