Monday, October 28, 2013

Today, I officially have a 2 year old!

My dear sweet Gianna, oh my goodness I cannot believe you are officially two years old today. I remember the day you were born like yesterday. You changed our lives in the most amazing way possible. You are such a beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, silly, intriguing little girl. It seems like we just got done celebrating your first birthday and now you are turning 2.

You have changed so much this passed year. From the physical things like you getting so much taller, filling your mouth with teeth and your long beautiful hair to the full sentences coming out of your mouth. You became a big sister this year and you are the best big sister ever! You have handled sharing your world with your baby brother so gracefully. You love him so much and I can already tell how much he loves you. You started pre pre school and you are excelling so much! Your teachers are constantly telling me how you light up the room and have a great attitude about everything. It makes mommy smile (big!). You also started ballet which you are absolutely loving and oh my goodness you look so cute doing it!

You swam under water for the first time this year! Big girl!! Felt like eternity for mommy, but it was only about 5 seconds. You can dribble a soccer ball, throw like a champ, you LOVE to color, sing and dance! You will not sleep without your pink teddy bear and your purple, pink and white others will do! Everyone is constantly saying how you are so spunky and have such an awesome personality, of course mommy and daddy agree!

You LOVE pancakes, bananas (still), ICECREAM, strawberries, cheese, french fries, broccoli (I hope this continues), peas and noodles. You are still a daddy's girl and if you take after mommy like you do with everything else, this will never change. You are still a great sleeper (Thank you Jesus!). You love to watch Princess Sofia, Mike the Knight & Dora. You just started fighting mommy and daddy about sitting in the high chair (uh oh). You love the playground and you have your very own now! You are a girly girl, you must have your bows in your hair always, even on rainy pajama days or days you aren't feeling that well.

Mommy loves you so very much (and Daddy too!). I love more than anything in the world watching you grow up. I have so many hopes, dreams & even fears for you. I just pray to God I can be a good example for you, stay around for you, keep you healthy, happy and safe. I pray that you continue to be a confident little girl, loving, smart, sassy and brave! I am so thankful to have you in our lives and to be your mommy! I am excited that daddy and I took the day off and we get to spend the whole day with you enjoying your special day, which is always one of the most special days for daddy and I, because it is the day we got to meet you! We love you to the moon and back!!! Happy 2nd birthday my little Princess!

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