Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Gianna's Love List

Since this is my baby girl's birthday month and it is all about her, I decided to put together a small list of some of her favorite items.

1.  Aquadoodle Mat- I bought this for her thinking she would enjoy it and she does, it is one of her favorite toys to sit with daddy and trace her hands and feet and the best part is- no mess!
2.  Art supplies including finger paint and art brushes and giant paper to work on. She loves making beautiful art work and coloring in Coloring Books.
3.  Books- she loves, loves, loves them. It is part of our bed time routine and I love getting her ones that go with the current season because right now she is like a sponge and soaking everything up!
4.  MAM pacis or nonis as we call them in our house. She still loves them when sleeping!
5.  My First Teddy- this and her blankie are NECESSITIES at night before bed. "Bankie and Teddy" and she knows if it is not the right one.
6.  Bubble Bath- I mean what kid doesn't like bubbles, right?!
7.  Play Stroller- she loves pushing her teddies, her baby doll, Elmo and her baby brother around in this.
8.  Music- This kid loves to jam out, singing and dancing and just having fun to music.
9.  Princess Sofia DVD - probably her favorite show right now. Great to help her wind down before bed.

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