Wednesday, October 16, 2013

So What Wednesday & Our Spooky Graveyard

So What?!?!....

- If I am having my daughter's birthday party at a farm so that I don't have to clean up, she will LOVE it and so will mommy!
- If work has been paying my salary to do not much work this week, I have been trying, but apparently they can't get their systems to work in the IT department and LOTS of people are out of commission
- This morning was only my 2nd time since coming back from Maternity leave that I haven't stopped to get coffee at either McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts. I am trying to break my addiction. 1 day at a time!
- If I already have a closet full of Christmas gifts for my kids! I am so excited and always love to start shopping early. Very Blessed!
- We just recently finished our Halloween decorations, look at our spooky DIY Graveyard, looks awesome, right?!?

- And Lastly, so what if I can't wait until Friday. Miles has his 4 month well visit, so I get to leave early and I have been so super busy I just want a nice weekend without too much driving!

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