Monday, October 7, 2013

What Marriage Means to me

This week I am linking up with Becky again to talk about the meaning of marriage. To me, marriage is big, it is huge, it is scary, it is amazing, it is tough and man, is it beautiful!

Marriage means so many things to me, growing up and seeing my parents have not the worst, but definitely not the best marriage and watching it end after so many years was heart breaking to me and I can only imagine after spending 23 years with someone how it must have felt to them- well mainly my mom who still wanted it to be forever. That's why to me, marriage was scary, but also exciting. I entered it with a full heart, a hopeful heart and a willing heart and after only 3.5 years it has already proven to be quite the journey.

First off, marriage, to me, means commitment & fidelity. When you say those magical words, "I do", you are making the promise to be with that one and only that one person for the rest of your life, through good times and bad. Through those good and bad times there will be many where you have to compromise. Marriage is all about compromise. You are going to have differences and that's ok. Sometimes you have to give in to them and sometimes they will have to give in to you and sometimes you may just have to agree to disagree.

Sometimes in marriage you will also have to sacrifice. Wether it be your summer vacation so you can go visit his family, your career goals to start a family or as simple as your monthly shopping budget to pay for an unexpected bill. There are so many situations that will force you to sacrifice for the sake of your spouse or just for the sake of your marriage. This brings me to my next point. Marriage is about friendship, partnership & team work. I truly believe that couples & families who do things together, stay together. We grocery shop together, we stay active as a family, we go to swim lessons and ballet classes all as a family. There are times when we can't all be there, but all being there is "our norm". Marriage means work too! Just like with any friendship, you have to work to maintain it, you have to work even harder to maintain a marriage. For us, we got right into starting a family, so sometimes our marriage got pushed to the sidelines. You have to remember the reasons you fell in love sometimes and get back to those basics. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is extremely difficult, but it is definitely a full time job!

Last, but definitely not least, marriage means forever, eternity & always! I pray to God that my marriage lasts forever, I pray we are able to maintain our values, our friendship and our marriage. Our marriage is the foundation of our family, our beautiful, amazing family! I am so beyond blessed to have met and married a wonderful man and each and every day I pray that our love, friendship and commitment last forever!

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  1. love this post girl! and the wedding pics. timeless!!! they exude joy!